Energy The Devils In The Details

Energy The Devils In The Details

May 27, 2022 GIA 0
Energy The Devils In The Details

Energy The Devils In The Details

Without placing too much emphasis, I hope you now realise as I’m certain most do. 2022 Virus is not real.

People did not avoid me just in case, in fact, people didn’t believe. Perfect! I am not someone they grew up with told they must trust and believe in my every word.

Now imagine if I was someone that society trusted and placed all their faith in? My point? Is that’s what happened at the end of 2019 and continued for 3 years, then suddenly, without notice, vanished into thin air. Giving up trust so easily is a big NO, NO.

INFLUENCERS, a fact people trust celebrities, a major key in the deception verifiers of this false truth, their action of spreading this false truth. Only to get found out.

Realistically, the power of suggestion is POWERFUL. Whatever man believes, so shall it play out in his reality. Whatever you suppress on the subconscious mind with undisputable faith, the subconscious will act out accordingly with conviction. What the conscious mind gives it, regardless if true or not.

With that I remove that post point made., Trust you test and know 100% yourself before jumping in the deep end with handing over your trust.,

If you can learn one thing in life, that’s the power of the subconscious mind.,

A book I highly recommend. (The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy) Born 1898 – 1981.

All bibles hold metaphors, some that contradict other parts. An entire minefield of confusion. The book below is the bibles unravelled, and all metaphors removed. Making it clear to understand what’s hidden now revealed., You don’t need an imaginary invisible god hiding in the sky to understand it. Just making time to comprehend the meanings, followed by practice., Power lives in everyone.,

Water Energy

My conscious mind communicating with my subconscious mind, both are in 100% agreement that the water I now drink is in fact life giving, pure HEALTHY revitalising energy drink for the soul.

No matter how much I drink, I don’t believe I 100% KNOW I am drinking the water fit for gods. Water with potential healing capabilities. The greatest medicine on earth. The potential to cure all things in the body once impressed upon.,

Solar Energy

I am constantly seeking new ways of producing energy. It has become clear to me why not take the solar panels into nature with you and charge all things that can charge this way? Nice, free energy.

Wind Energy

Scotland has a beautiful thing that happens often called WIND., Say you watch some film or video on YouTube which produces negative emotions. Did you know WIND is a natural neutraliser for removing blocked or stuck negative energy. When you see the wind in such a way, it clears the body of all such things.

A natural energy clearing balancing gift from nature. Try handing that over to your subconscious mind and witness the benefits in your life.,