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ENERGY, FREQUENCY, VIBRATION., – Electricity GOV SCAM (Gerard Morin)

I’m not vegan or vegetarian. I don’t label myself in a specific minority group. There is no group hive mentality in me., Animals being slaughtered is extremely dangerous to humans.,

Speaking of energy, and the universe built on this foundation when an animal is slaughtered, that pain, fear, all emotions that animal is feeling transfers into the meat humans ingest, and it transfers into the human. IT’S A FACT.,

There is no such thing as humane slaughter killing is killing, and no words can justify such actions. Animals have feelings are very conscious animals, compassionately caring all things humans are apart from they don’t speak your language. They can’t communicate any sign to suggest they are not happy about being cannibalism.

Most fear in humans actually comes from ingesting slaughtered animals.,

The planet has been ill educated by those who have no knowledge and based everything on Darwin’s theory, which scientifically proved a lie. All things are based on his theory and to ask why has society gone wrong look no further. Governments knew this and refuse to update education, medical system everything.

They are, in fact, deliberately responsible for all things wrong in the world. Because of their arrogance and greed. Placing money before life.,

These are not theories, they are all facts. You never hear because they make sure these science people never make it on mainstream news.,

If I say something nice about you, then you feel good, same as bad. Now imagine eating an animal who was butchered. How will that make you feel without even knowing that’s why you felt so damn heavy? Heavy emotions, that’s why. Murder is some heavy energy.,

Humans constantly bombarded with negative energy, be it dead animals, news bullshit TV bullshit government bullshit, bombarded with reasons to keep you regular with a GP doctor. You will not live a healthy, productive life, always a worry pot, escape into a beer, wine or even drugs., It’s an escape can’t handle reality or truth. I know that been their own the t-shirt, i just don’t deny that’s all it was.

For years I lied to myself, drugs are fun, creativity sparks, peaceful, happy, I can quit anytime, it’s not an issue. All I did was lie to myself. Takes real courage to admit it and make no more excuses. 20 Years I made excuses why I did it. Whilst everyone around me suffered because I was unhappy with life.

Joe Rogan, that dude, has every excuse in the book. Now I’m sure he will have an excuse Bible soon. I listen to him and laugh. shit everything he says been there said that as well. It makes you blind to the truth as well. Watch him before the drugs and now notice now he has freedom to do. Personality shift., Energy shift.

I like Joe Rogan. The dude is wealthy. You won’t find anyone whose honest, not even friends. You’re a cash machine. You don’t shortchange the cashier., ha ha

Yet the solution is always available to put an end to it and live happily.

How to trap a society on drugs so easy to manipulate them, deny them the drugs make illegal now they want it more, hooked, hooked and hooked, finally make it legal. Job is complete. Government becomes the dealer putting out all other dealers. Now they own the market. Same way alcohol went.,


I faced the truth I drown my life in drugs to escape the fact both my daughters were destroyed. I gave up on life., Once I admitted to myself I was escaping, I got rid of drugs my life changed., I took responsibility for my life.,

I’m not against drugs. Before and after, I would never go back. I can reach higher consciousness without., Spiritually speaking, if I can’t reach higher consciousness without drugs, there is seriously something wrong with what I was taught.,

To say hello or you look wonderful today makes anyone feel good because it’s all ENERGY TRANSFER, the real currency of the universe.,

Hows does this make you FEEL? Feel what it feels like.,

Listen to any sad song. How does that make you feel? ALL ENERGY TRANSFER. How do you control people by the use of manipulating ENERGY.,

Gerard Morin

was a man targeted by government who paid people to hassle him., Because he revealed the truth about electricity. You should pay nothing for it.

They suck energy from one house and re-pipe it back into your neighbour and to the next and keep going so they are not making electricity. They are using your house to funnel recycle the same. So they earn 100% profit in every house every building. They generate it only once.,

The only reason electric companies are increasing is because members of Parliament are investors, shareholders. So are royals. Only interested in themselves.

Gerard Morin First used a washing machine pump to generate free electricity. Listen to this man.,

He provides you with evidence everyone is being conned, scammed.

He provides you with evidence everyone is being conned, scammed. They all knew about this, and they still installed dangerous electricity when they knew there was a better way, safer way, and free. They have lied to everyone. Your house is deliberately dangerous. Any deaths past, present or future they are liable for. Money first, life second. Same story over and over again., They have known this for over 100 years. 100 year scam.,

No point asking an electrician his only trained on dangerous electricity. He defends the scam unaware theirs a secret hidden from the public. 3 years of covid, then war, then electric price rise they are trying to wear you down into submission. Covert communism. Pay attention. Your children will suffer. They know it and do not care. They abuse children. Evidence nobody can deny.,

All energy companies know the truth and delibertly scam you, ALL OF THEM BREAKING THEIR OWN LAWS., FUNNY THAT., LAW IS FAKE.,


Tell me Denzel what would you do with these dirty child abusing scum bags?

What does bad energy do to the human body. SEE For yourself. Pay attention JOE saying because I care. and I’m not on your payrole.,

Look, take hard long look ugly as fuck, fat as Boris Johnson, bad energy makes you the most undesirable on earth. Men let go, so do women when we get comfortable. I was so comfortable with my escape I never see that’s how I looked until my sister showed a photo and I asked who was he? I nearly died on the spot when I realised., HONESTY woke me up.,

Doctors would say it’s hereditary or in your genes. This illness, that illness. Fuck Off you fool, you’re reciting what government programmed you to think, you dork, that’s not education or wisdom. stop trying to sell me a pill, you fanny.

I guarantee you if anyone financially depends on you and you ask them for advice, you now got yourself bad advisors., FACT. You never employ advisors, they’re paid liars., Shit don’t change with paid liars., FACT.,