Energy Dimension Shifting., Alcyon.,

Energy Dimension Shifting., Alcyon.,

October 2, 2022 GIA 0
Energy Dimension Shifting

Energy Dimension Shifting., Alcyon.,

Majority of the ways we deal with things, which we call matching energy, is more of us using all 12 dimensions, not 13th we’ll explain shortly., To come down the ladder, so to speak, depending on the energy involved.,

Energy is always moving, so shifting from 5th to 4th to 6th back down into 3rd depends upon how the energy shifts.,

Recall any conversation. Notice how it begins happily. They used certain words of dislike and you feel a slight tug or pull in the atmosphere of energy. It can go negative or positive., Consider that energy shifting like climbing a ladder in dimensions or lift going up and down or resting upon one floor.,

We have 12 dimensional levels to work with.,

We refrain from using 13th as this is new to us, and is not for sharing., same as those in the 15th, 16th and so on. We are not aware of them, as they are of us, as we are of you., 14th now becomes our teachers our lessons.,

You are aware of us to the point of 4th yet above might seem foreign in nature., Not comprehensible., difficult to grasp, so all is done via 3rd and 4th using the higher dimensions for us, not for you.,

If we use a 12th dimensional term and you say you don’t understand, then we shift into a different dimension seeking a better term until both or all are happy with the meaning.,

We are aware of all souls, so sometimes picking one from the collective consciousness and answering it to their level of understanding becomes a method.,

We answer questions from those of great distance and are not aware that it’s them we just answered., They will say shit. I was just thinking that.,

We will start a post, when you witness additional material added. These are those plucked questions or additional topics.,

We are using 3rd dimension language for 12 dimensions of wisdom., Accuracy of meaning is hazy with 3rd density structured words., 4 decades have aided in the understanding of this language barrier.,

At the start or midway through a cycle, we have no comprehension 15 and above. At the end of a cycle we will have that information ready for harvest into 14th., 15th is an exciting mystery.,

How we are aware of higher dimension numbering is via infinity., To know where you are is to know how far you come., To desire the wisdom of the end result is an error in thought., There is no end to infinity., To us that’s beautifully comforting to you it should certainly be, since they have taught you misinformation of an Armageddon nature.,

12th Dimensions of experience teaches us the higher you go, the more beautiful it becomes., Paradise? You have only just begun.,

All higher dimensions teach those of the dimensions lower to them., to aid and help those evolve higher as well., there is no self-serving attitude for us., Infinity, the one creator, is selfless, not selfish., Lower or higher does not mean better or lessor., All is ONE.,


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