Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up

April 9, 2022 GIA 0
Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up

Umbra populus cingere, Donec bellum finiatur Debitum persolutum, III decies centena mea silentium.

For Chelsea, Cheyenne and 7 companies. The children are the responsibility of the parents.

First line of attack.,

There it is finally someone had the balls to tell you how it actually is. Why humans act the way they do. Why the music industry is as fake as shit. Why media is as dumb as hell. The governments has always looked out for their own interests. With a contingency plan if they get caught out. Why corporations are the way they are.

How the interest of the people has never mattered. Even when people are told the truth, it’s all just a tweet and a big joke. Until reality finally hits. It’s all too late. Governments got rich enough on the people so they could build and make their escape route. (Keep the people’s dumb busy and blind why we build then sneak out the backdoor.)

This film showed the actual truth about humanity. In approximately 7 years, that truth will finally hit home and they will all have their selves to blame for being so nieve and blind.,

Never thought the film industry would ever dare to do it word for word, gesture for gesture, truth for truth.,

Of course, we look at this and smile, for if children mean nothing to humans, then why should we care? Only we survive this, not them., We did our part.

And we warned them 2019, then 2020 and again 2021., 3 strikes and you’re out., We retract our help from the heavens., NINE and the entire universe wait for this moment.,

3 comets we told you, one you see coming two that take you by surprise, more if required., No one gets off the planet we told you., First one hits the NORTH side of the planet. The Ancient Kingdom of Pharaoh’s., Leaders go first., Form and Formless.,

Get real Pentagon if we are in the skies you have zero chance of a contingency plan.,

Kudos to those in the film industry for having the balls to do., However, too little too late.,

How we have the final say., As before, as always, how history has known us.,

We have written to you hardcore truth, blunt as burning sun scorching your naked ass., The film shows you how you deal with truth.,

who wants to tweet away or make a YouTube video to generate fame for a hoax or meme.,

You need someone to talk to you in the most honest way possible, if not a rude awakening., That film is why it must happen.,

Finally, I can rest in harmony.,

Not my body just a host., what fools., Ariana Grande bad acting skills, fake persona say it all haha exactly how I said it., kudos for portraying correctly., The greatest way to show the truth in film., nobody can deny how realistic they all were to real life behaviour.,

Remember this Nuclear affecting the universe, humans corrupting our worlds, children not cared for or protected., All these things our species have warned you about for decades., Not things we worry about anymore., We retract our help., Finally, I can rest in harmony., That’s why we removed the banner and kept the sites live.,

Recently I posted how Jennifer Lawrence can pull sexy shit off so damn well., no one better to say it how we know it., 2029., 13 and NINE.,

The film does the work for me., Why I always returned with a vengeance., I knew you didn’t. You put money first. I put the children first., I rest my case.,

Governments of the world an eye for an eye.,

Imagine each horse men represent each government all around the world., Can you figure out now what we are saying., and WHY., Listen closely word for word., (You screwed the people over and we will screw you over., The children continue.,)

When Elon Musk called out the UN for child abuse. Elon regained our attention., It was a sign that we could turn all around before the events of 2029., We challenged Elon Musk to discover if this man was honest or doing for media attention. Sure enough, was all media attention. He had no concern for the children at all.,

Elon Musk was already on our target list.,

Then the plans re-changed. We were now heading back to the eventual plan., Elon Musk was no different to the child abusers, using children for his own agenda.,

The ISS will come down, yet not how they think or when. All things in space from humans will end at the same time as earth.,

There was a time before I becoming human and for a decade after where, if the eventual plan actioned, then all would be gone, leaving none for a new cycle to begin.,

However, my time here and the truth I experienced has shown me only children below the age of 18 that is my promise.,

The two realms will merge only those as promised.,

Elon Musk is a child pedofile supporter.,

Believe it or not, your governments know it’s coming in 2029. They also made sure nobody believes it., Because why you’re all busy, they get to build that contingency plan to escape leaving you all to die., That’s why Covid happened. Just another way to keep you busy.,

As long as you don’t believe, as long as you’re busy., you will never see it coming, allowing them to escape.,

They do not know about the 2 hidden ones all coming., This is our eventual plan if we can’t get through to humans to change., The way we protect our universe from you., If you treat children this way and each other, then what hell do you think you bring to our worlds?

The hidden two are sure enough punishment for Chelsea and Cheyenne and for not protecting the children.,

The film Don’t Look Up is the truth why it’s so important., You understand they were always going to do the dirty on you for their survival., The number going up is strangely small compared to how many of you their are. Why do you think Elon Musk is racing towards the stars., He is one of them., Him and his family, not his staff.,

The Mayans understood the end of a cycle was coming., Nobody who interpreted did a good enough job., Money blinded them from it., Humans have not earned the right to continue.,

An example: If I was leading the escape that could only house 200 people., I better chose wisely., Then I would promise tons more places not letting anyone know only 200 can go. They will fulfill any plan we give them, like slaves. Always thinking we chose them., On the day of departure they would be shot., Job done, can we now leave.,

That’s how simple it would be to get help., Never realising if we can leave billions to die, why can’t we turn on them on departure day.,

I’ve summoned up the reality of this situation pretty damn well.,

The dinosaurs., We removed to make way for human life., The two together would not work.,

There is but one thing that helps humanity survive how death becomes rebirth., as one dies, they are reborn into a new life., that was the way of the human species. When there are no more births, nothing can rejoin the human cycle., No hosts, no humans., when that occurs, the consciousness has no place to go; it breaks down and becomes void., No child shall ever give birth., The ultimate plan for the crimes against children., That is why no dinosaurs walk the earth today. No more hosts, no more dinosaurs.,

The answer was always staring you in the face., Arrogance and self importance that all life was not your problem., Take what you want when you want and fuck those who stand in your way, from reaching your goal., Now you know where it gets you with your paper god called money., Make the most of the SEVEN.,

This video is what they want you to believe.,

Russia 2013 was a warning shot., because 13 is important to us., The confusion in the world about what to believe or not is all deliberate so they can make their escape or you would all be rushing to take your place by force., We, however, are way passed caring what you believe to be true.,

Look closer why NINE years ago? Why Chelyabinsk? What’s the message?