Do You Remember Bob Lazar

Do You Remember Bob Lazar

March 20, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Do you remember Bob Lazar

Do you remember Bob Lazar

When and where in history has any government, used spies to retract secret information., To steal top secrets from other nations?

Bob Lazar brought to the world government back engineering crafts, UFO., something they denied.,

What if we deliberately crashed so you would steal? Regardless, you have foreign material, no matter how much it’s back engineered; it has one true source.,

A crash appears accidental. Yet we can appear and disappear at will in the blink of an eye., We can travel distances you can’t comprehend.,

We can do outstanding maneuvers, great speeds from a standstill point., Yet here we are crashing ships knowing you want to get your hands on the stuff.,

What if you leak this into tech corporations and make things that look like you took a leap frog in technical advances., DID YOU?

What if it became the norm all around the globe., What if every home now had alien tech inside., Yet humans are not the source of its origin., WE ARE.,

All the wonderful aerial shows we perform how dumb can the pentagon really be.,

Hiding crash sites and the information from the public really backfired on you., You don’t know how, where, when or why.,

What have you done to yourselves voluntarily through dishonesty?

“Majestic 12” following the Battle of LA “No matter the cost, we must have before the Russians do”

Who felt it coming?

What does the word “Attraction” teach you?