dishonest people, dishonest governments

dishonest people, dishonest governments

September 3, 2022 GIA 0
dishonest people, dishonest governments

dishonest people, dishonest governments

I am revoking the previous information as I am also revoking don’t pay UK.,
I have shown there are much easier ways to deal with current times. It is far better to seek new ways than to waste time fighting.,

I will not be striking.,

When the world gives you lemons, you must learn how to make lemonade.

So you are in an energy crisis, so fucking what., How’s that for an answer?

Last Christmas was not warm or hot, instead it was an iceberg., Does that mean energy companies will utilize this fact and rob you blind even more? Well, only if you let them, I guess yes.,

OR you could get a little smarter and do as I have prepared early. My windows have bubble wrap. Yes, that wonderful packaging material on the windows. Behind that plant’s growing which will not dry out because of direct sunlight win/win right there. Behind them are thin double layered curtains and behind those are blackout curtains.

Read up why people use bubble wrap on windows.,

Since it has fluctuated through hot days, the house remains cool, and in the night the temperature drops by one to two degrees

When it’s cold, it remains warm inside. What about light in the daytime? The thin curtain allows all the light you want.,

One window has no bubble wrap instead has a 100 watt solar panel that performs even on cloudy days. None of this rubbish quality panel. It’s a renogy panel. They seem to be the only reliable panel suppliers., They don’t mislead you with power consumption like China can.,

Panels wire to two main marine batteries and growing usb capable this powers anything that can be charged via usb or run off 12 volts. Also, an inverter if needed, along with other adapters for other things.

You might recall me changing the cooker into a hot plate and small oven. The kettle is now a camping kettle. I’ve been converting as if I lived in a mobile van.

Then there’s the stove burner should I ever require using it.,

That was my solution to companies that were greedy and governments who were profiting from all this.

My house lights seldom go on at all if they do it’s for a few seconds only. I run solo off 5v and 12 v LEDS.

I even minimised the washing machine by hand washing.,

Some might say, wow, what a way to live, yet if you knew how much fun it is to get creative with this stuff, plus it’s practice for living off the grid.

So why worry? Why put yourself in unnecessary stress? Stress and worry number one reasons people become ill., Did you ever consider that’s what they want? How much money is there in sick people?

If you’re reading this and worry about what other people think about you, then relax once you see one home that’s become wise. Now you won’t look so silly. Me: I don’t give a shit what people think, I do what’s right for me end of story. The rest can freeze or go broke if they want their choice.,

Freeze or keep paying the con or get smart, get wise.,

Hope you see you’re not so stuck as you imagine when someone gives you lemons make lemonade.,

Take the attitude of Russell Brand. Everything’s a joke to him., He tells you the truth. At the start he wants Subscribers because subscribers make money., The facts are nobody has your back. You must learn to defend your own. If people can’t come together to defend children all children, then you wish on a star, my friends.,

Honesty is raw, yet you’ll always know where you stand. You will never know it with dishonesty. You’re only in this mess because of dishonest people, dishonest governments.,

Enjoy his humor, that’s all his good for., And yes, I am probably biased against Russell because he was married to the whore of Babylon after all.,

Take all our recommendations above and prepare to kick the government in the balls where it truly hurts.,

Take the attitude you have nothing to loose so yes signup

Here is our prediction DONT PAY UK will not receive the 1 million so no strike will take place., However, they will reach their goal of becoming a Corporation BIG RED FLAG right there. This then opens the question: who is really behind this? The domain Whois has been hidden, so no answer can be found.

The fact they want to become partners with government says they are government making fools out of people.

STRIKE ANYWAY FUCK the number bullshit.,

Ask why put this information on the privacy page and not the home page WHERE is TRANSPARENCY? Everyone knows nobody can be bothered to read that crap, so that’s why they put it there. Dishonesty right off the bat., Bad way to start something good.,


Don’t Pay is currently an unincorporated association run entirely by volunteers. We are currently seeking to incorporate an organisation.

Information, that’s true. To be incorporated, you don’t seek; you don’t ask permission, you just do it. You pay a max of £50 takes only one person to be all things: the main director, the secretary and so on. There is nothing complicated to becoming incorporated. It’s simple, even a child can do it, so for some reason this movement is hiding the fact they want to partner with government, and they’re making it sound complicated. That’s not honest. Take it from someone who has owned 7 registered companies in the past.
Let’s be 100% clear to become incorporated means to PROFIT from YOU, which is no different to what’s causing the issues. People need to be properly educated, not deceived. How do they plan to profit? Selling 1 million emails to companies that buy data? and then claim they were hacked? 100% Transparency not met., If people were serious, they would just strike.

Do you recall me mentioning the Data Scout ship that follows me around?

Logs everything I do and all who come into contact with me., Scanning intentions, thoughts., I never actually showed you the ship, has something to do with doubts, choice and leave it up to you to decide., The ship is always there day and night, remains out of sight and as we know, 100% can hide out of visible light, UV light and infrared light., On this occasion, it made itself visible to my body cam.,

I leave this space right here for the ship video in plain sight near the shops hovering at a distance., Did anyone notice? Certainly not.,

Humans might not be loyal to us or each other unless theres money involved. Our own people are 100% loyal.,

To avoid being noticed, it’s blinking in and out to reduce exposure. Where I came from standing were quite a few people. This is not the first time you’re seeing this ship. The video from Dundee was the same ship we just never pointed out it was my ship.,

When we tell you someones a fraud, it’s because our information is not human based., Take Corey Goode. The man has what he set out to do living his Hollywood Dream just like he intended.,

Humans had freewill we, however do not live under such a paradigm., Regardless if we are in human form or not, we must carry out The Great Infinite ALL’s will., If I am told to move into the Middle East I go, If I am told to go to Paris I go, I drop everything and I go.,
If you check your religious text, you will find The NINE as the SEVEN wraths of God., If you’re really smart you will then understand how we knew about covid before it even happened.,
A break down why it’s stationary from that distance it can observe everything I am doing and interacting with. I avoid showing you people and inside the shops for their own privacy., The ship is scanning inside the shops the people what they are thinking if anyone has negative intentions.
Where Dundee was not stationary the ship told you at the time without even telling you., That’s why we waited near on a year to show you the SEVEN in the video.,

We suggest watching at 1080p quality and wait for the slow down.,

Dundee Ship