Council of NINE and the Free Mason Order

Council of NINE and the Free Mason Order

May 26, 2022 GIA 0
Council of NINE and the Free Mason Order

Council of NINE and the Free Mason Order

Alice Ann Bailey was a writer of more than twenty-four books on theosophical subjects and was one of the first writers to use the term New Age. Bailey was born as Alice La Trobe-Bateman, in Manchester, England. She moved to the United States in 1907, where she spent most of her life as a writer and teacher. Bailey’s works, written between 1919 and 1949, describe a wide-ranging neo-Theosophical system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the Solar System, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general. THE FREE MASON CONNECTION. (The birth of the Deception against the NINE.,)

America plotting to take over the world.,

In the late 1960s the rise of free spirit Americans, Woodstock. The fall of the 1950s mindset of living life under a structured authoritarian regime. Sparking concern for the natural order of authoritarian control. Andrija Puharich sought us the NINE., Fast became an untrustworthy man, there was never a requirement to hypnotise others, was in fact a violation. Hense we do not recommend any channelings for all have an agenda. It proved this among the NINE with Andrija Puharich.,

As time continued on, they used our wisdom as a weapon against the world’s nations. Give birth to the new age movement. Whereby the free masons had the idea if we can’t stop this, then we guide it to our advantage. Big future names will one day take main stage among the spiritual communities all backed by the free mason order. Our actual messages are now lost. Taken a back seat to their agenda.,

They would use and install fear into the unsuspecting onlooker, with the returning gods of Egypt. Henry Wallace, R. Temple, J.J Hurtak keys of Enoch, backed by Graham Hancock, friend of Gregg Braden who hides a secret from people. Among many names not mentioned here. A massive war coming that would require spending insane amounts of black budget money on military and star wars technology. The race for space underway.,

Whitley Strieber, the founder of alien abductions, a trigger for others to join the new bandwagon of lies a CIA Psy-ops undercover plot baiting others into the storyline.,

The spiritual world you see surrounding you today is all backed by the Free Mason Order disguised under a new form of control. (Words like karma, narcissists are similar words found in religion, SIN you will go to hell. A Form of controlling people. This time on a new age level.) Also, why you see the spiritual community heavily mindset in financial abundance. Keeping tradition of the 1950s authoritarian control through money., Controlling those in the mainstream spiritual arena helps control the masses who follow and how to think. Simple mathematics. People like Gregg Braden do not agree with their methods, yet still speak out he does not. (Those who commit the crime and those who say nothing, equal the same to us.,)

This concerned the NINE Sending in one of our own. Prepare the event with the fish and the hook. Do they bite or not? YES they did TWICE. Now NINE, under all universal law… full rights to put an end to the free mason deception. Can you guess what the events were?

Every intention they started out with has turned on them., Be careful what you wish for., Certain men of those times did not take the NINE serious instead manipulated the information to further control the population.,

They setup themselves. That’s what happens when you try to use an outside force for abusive means against others. A political and military agenda.

There is no accident about myself being politically involved and our interest in the Pentagon., Hense, the Council of NINE, the Free Mason Order and the military involvement, combined with the New Age Movement.

I am here to tell you it will not go how you wanted it., You have violated many laws on many levels.,

Don’t be too quick to discredit Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. They understand a great more than you might realise.,

There is so much more to the story than Lynn & Clive even realise.,

For clarity, the Deception against the NINE.,

What was Andrija Puharich afraid of? Why did he want to re-establish communication with us? Are you joining all the dots now?

I would love to sit here saying how much you messed up, yet these two words say it all., Chelsea, Cheyenne., 🙂

It will shock even though to the wise mind it should not.

There is no such race called the Pleiadians. Nor Alcyon’s. We derive these names from the names humans gave the nine stars from our home. Since when does a race decide to call themselves by the means of another far away race’s ideas?

In fact, if you were to mention, write, say our names, or use the human chosen names, we would know who you are or not., There is no such thing as a Pleiadian Race., The genuine will only know our names., Think of us as Nameless.,

We don’t recognise the name Albert Pike. It might again surprise you to know the power of suggestion carries substantial weight.,

The clever mind would have noticed us laying down subtle messages in the past. Knights of the (ROUND TABLE “Andrija Puharich”,) a subtle hint long before the NINE came out in the open.,

Dec 20, 2018 before Council of 9 . co . uk was live.,

During that time, we gave you every opportunity to resolve.,