Communication Between Seven and Nine – Roderick Martin and MUFON

Communication Between Seven and Nine – Roderick Martin and MUFON

November 24, 2022 GIA Governments NINE 0
Communication Between Seven and Nine

Communication Between Seven and Nine.,

Roderick Martin and MUFON

For the selfish deeds of deception Roderick Martin, we have listed you on our website alongside abusers. MUFON and all workers now fall under the NINE investigation for Roderick Martin’s action of deception if one member of MUFON deceives all follow the same line.,

To all the good people of America., Leave America before 2023., Don’t delay, don’t doubt., Leave., ~ NINE.,”

In the latter days of Atlantis., Crystal power had been obtained., Many choose to use this against the Atlantean colony, so few had the power and control, the rest obeyed., Crystal power to the level they achieved was more powerful than nuclear power today., The leaders were preparing to embark on enslaving other outside colonies.,

ALCYON decided this had to end. We buried Atlantis beneath the ocean whilst other colonies were unaffected., That time has come again gone full circle.,


Is communication between Seven and Nine like channeling?

NO., When we inserted our consciousness into the body at the moment of body death., NINE has access to all five senses., There is a large screen at NINE showing everything SEVEN sees with his eyes. We hear what he hears., His thoughts as well.,

We communicate back and forth via sixth sense and seventh sense., Groups such as ORION can hack the sixth sense. They can access thoughts, implant thoughts., They cannot bridge the seventh sense., NINE operates on the seventh. That’s how SEVEN can determine if it’s NINE or ORION.,

NINE can access mostly all areas of earth via technology you created using secret analysis of our ships made in locations such as Roswell among many others.,

All cameras, all microphones. We have direct access., A data scout ship is searching the ground for any locations that do not have our technology and collects all information in those areas or persons.,

All computers we have access to, no encryption can keep us out. You have no awareness of our presence., When you decided to back engineer our ships for weapon discovery, and keep the public in the dark., We were one step ahead of you., That’s why many planned crashes occurred and why this seldom happens today.,

Every technology today and to follow NINE has direct access to.,

Only reason we allow this information released its too late to turn back time on technology., All governments were invested in power and control did not realise we did all this deliberately because we knew you would never put the people first.,

~ Happy Christmas from NINE and SEVEN 🙂

On 25th November 2022 SEVEN went to LEVEN, FIFE, Scotland to call down a ship for the second time., ~ SEVEN.,

Today 28th November 2022

SEVEN put in a request to NINE for 3 ships to come down., 3 ships appeared at Leven Beach same location as last week., Recording with two cameras, one infrared, the other normal vision., Normal camera detected nothing in that area, only infrared picked up the ships.,

If you’re me, you don’t need CE5 App, no meditation required., I speak they come, that simple.,

Does this ship look familiar?

History Of The Universe ET’s Living Among You - The Council Of NINE


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