Come out Star Children, reveal your identity

Come out Star Children, reveal your identity

July 6, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Come out Star Children, reveal your identity

Come out Star Children, reveal your identity

One thing the deceptive Luis Elizondo has done, has opened the door to the public to look up, question the government deceptions. Your plans have backfired on you. Also opened the door for the public to accept us.

All the lies you have done for decades places you in a dangerous situation. People want change and you are no longer the governments to be trusted, all nations.,

When you screw over the people, eventually they will all turn on you.,

Come out Star Children, reveal your identity to families, friends, and the world at large.,

Walk the streets with your heads high.,

The government’s smear campaign to discredit anyone speaking on UFO’s over the decades as crazy, is now void since the evidence shows the government was all in the know about us and researching themselves., If anyone is crazy than it’s them.,

Come out and reveal yourselves. Honor your truth, take pride in who you’re. If anyone utters a word, throw the racism and prejudice card at them.,

If they can accept gays, transgenders, and all sorts, then they can accept you., They have no choice anymore., Liberate yourselves., You are bound by no man’s law; you are bound by your origin laws.,

Throw away these dates of birth that you have adopted., Use only your singular name throw away surnames., State your origin location among the universe as your place of origin. Use it on everything you do., I’ll say again if they can acknowledge transgenders, gay marriages than they can accept us as well.,

We understand many of you have been here longer than me. We also understand many of you have chosen to acknowledge your star origins online only where nobody online knows who you were in everyday life or where you live. You keep it hidden from family and friends and those you live among.

We would not ask you to come out if we ourselves had not done this. My oldest sister had known for decades. My younger sister discovered late 2019 my father was told what happened the morning of the fire and why all before he died.

My daughters were hybrid children and so was my son., Their mothers are human. This was part of our work here to create hybrid children just like yourselves.,

Our website was on our window where we reside in Leven., also in Newport-On-Tay., So we would not ask you to come out if we had not already done so ourselves.,

Change can only come when you jump in the deep end., When you path the way on the ground, you do so for those above.,

Remember, the gay man or woman for decades did not accomplish anything by staying inside the closet., remove the internet mask.,

Truth has no fear., Your truth is absolute., You’re supported, protected and loved., Be courageous. It’s time to step out into the open.,

Together we will path the way for our brothers and sisters among the skies.,

Explained in terms of humans.,

Technology far beyond a billion years of your evolution., Watch each frame. 1. acceleration., 2. Slowing for approach., 3. Positioning., 4. Aiming down and delivering the blow without any missiles, lasers., Technology billion years beyond your reach., 5. Re-engage acceleration., 6. Momentum acceleration.,

Does a data scout hold weapons? Of course they do. That was small compared to what they can do., One data scout can flatten the White House and Westminster Parliament with pure ease., Joe Biden keep on babbeling it suits you 😉 Do you have a human pilot who can match us? Do you have any ships that can rest on the surface of the Sun or go inside the Sun? We thought not.,