Child Abuse Investigation

Official GIA, NINE, GLOBAL investigation into child abuse by members of government systems.,

GIA & The NINE are seeking the best hackers in the world to join our investigation., Make contact.,



Are you a victim, survivor of child sexual, emotional, or physical abuse by members of government, Judges, Lords, members of Parliament, Police all Ranks, Social Workers, Foster Carers, Guardians, Care Homes, Doctors, Teachers, Education officials? Or anyone in a position of power. Has anyone in these categories placed you in immediate danger with others? Within the last 100 years.

The NINE & the GIA are investigating child abuse in the government. We want to hear from you, your truth matters to us., The time of people not taking you serious is over. We are taking you seriously., The government is being held accountable for their actions. Abuse of power is not acceptable and we are here to make sure this abuse stops.,

Sign our petition if you agree with us and together we will change it together.,

We want to allow you to speak your truth. You can do this with full anonymity.

If you are a child and are currently experiencing abuse, don’t know who to turn to contact us. You will have full anonymity without question.

If you’re 50 or 70 years old, your story matters together, we will make this change happen. Your story will save the lives of children currently experiencing with your help. We can protect them.

Sign our petition below if you agree with us.,

Official GIA, NINE, GLOBAL investigation into child abuse by members of government systems
Download this pdf or image of a red X place on display to show your support CHILDREN MATTER.,

My daughter Cheyenne was a victim of government predator abuse. They raped her 3 times. She was emotionally and physically abused by them. She came to me for help. Together we went to the police, and they did nothing. The police alongside the government had her sectioned in a place called the Priory in Southgate, North London, so they could stop her talking.,

My daughter vanished some time later and not seen since., I am 99.9% certain they killed her., I have made this claim before about murder. Nobody, not even the police corrected me., Speaks an obvious message of truth.,

I can’t bring my daughter back, I can make sure this abuse stops for other children.,

Send your stories here.,
If you want to sponsor our investigation with anonymity or not, we welcome your support. Contact us.,

This form is for Kids needing HELP, your story, sponsors., If you want to help the GIA.

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    Clare B.

    Nov 26, 2022 at 06:08 pm

    S. Simmons

    Nov 5, 2022 at 08:17 pm

    Vital investigation. Thank you!

    Thoth Anonymous

    Nov 4, 2022 at 07:54 am

    If my children matter, then every child around the world matters.,


    Nov 2, 2022 at 09:25 pm

    Children Matter.,