Channeling & Channels first or second?

Channeling & Channels first or second?

October 16, 2022 GIA NINE 0
Channeling & Channels first or second

Channeling & Channels first or second?

I think I understand the intention of the Nine. What about others? Who’s who and which should we listen to?

Abraham is ORION., Seth is of its own dimension limited only by its dimension., RA confederation., ALCYON second Octave., KRYON is of the vibration of Light of positive aspect.,

All even ORION carry important awareness. Abraham is a selfish, negative polarity masked within positive glossary makeup, in that you could strip away the selfish material and keep the positive aspects.,

Consider knowing them all, reading them all, or listening. To decide what apples taste sweet or bitter, one must taste them all.,

All are valuable to the one creator

At some stage, as you proceed through them all, your awareness should have expanded with a dropping away of what no longer fits within your being.,

ALL carry vital insight into the growth of you., CHOICE is all that matters here: Negative or Positive., Selfish or selfless.,

Channeling is the process of seeking outside of self for answers., No different to asking a neighbour or friend for answers.,

The ideal channel is one who transcends all and becomes the channel of itself, not outside itself., The answers are within, not outside self, not in others in YOU.,

Channeling others is first level. Channeling yourself is second level., First level is declining responsibility for the message. Second level is accepting responsibilities for that which you own.,

To reach the second, one must go to the first, one without the other, no growth, without than one becomes dependent on others and never trusting self.,

If one is 3rd density only then stay with first, there be nothing in second to channel.

if one is 3rd density from 6th density, then starting at first proceed to second or go direct to second.,

If you are on second than obviously you are not channeling., You’re the keeper of the wisdom.,


Is there a hierarchical order or structure for all beings? All dimension all octaves, positive and negative. Who is above who? Who’s the boss?

None are above any., You are the boss of you and only you., That answer is universal to everyone across the universe., Every soul is sovereignty. There is no counterargument to this truth.,

Each has their place within the one infinite creator., AS THE ONE CREATOR AS IN ONE AS IN ALL.,

If say we chose the negative route, then the difference being how long it takes us rather than what’s right or wrong., It could take a trillion years or even more or less., that’s the definition we make between negative and positive.,

How would you feel if you had to keep repeating 3rd density for 75,000 years again and again. Would you become tired of these things? So nobody truly becomes stuck., Everyone eventually gets tired of doing the same old way and getting nowhere with that.,

Infinite Intelligence is POSITIVE., That’s the cheat sheet you seek.,


Can you tell us about energy vampires in other humans?

Misinformed., One perceiving another as an energy vampire is the one under attack by ORION in fact ORION used both to play off in this way., Which causes discord among humans whilst ORION remains hidden.,

ORION seeks only the weakest minds, for they are the easiest to manipulate., Strong minds ORION waits for vulnerable spots before it attempts anything.,


Orion can’t pass Nines barrier. Is this showing us something?

It should show you everything in the direction of purpose., Love is the force, Light is the substance, so why can’t negative oriented beings overcome it? worthwhile you pondering.,


Who, out of negative and positive, is the balance turning towards? How is this playing out for us to see?

You will notice all structures of the past going into disorder among themselves, on the political arena, you will notice one error after another, the falling apart at the seams., they are becoming depolarised in the way of negative, selfish behaviour against others the tables are turning., In the past they could quite easily hide this stuff and cover it up., it’s now impossible to do., you will notice this of all selfish entities.,

see it as doing them a favour for the benefit of them and all.,

The positive of LOVE and LIGHT is blinding them, depolarizing their efforts, lifting off the mask no secrets hidden., This is the effect of positive love and light.,

This is due to the end of the cycle. It would not occur like it does at this level during the cycle or at the start or midway point., It always happens at the end., Make or break, decide, choose or return.,

You can’t change it., Take one billion souls hidden on the planet all bringing in that love and light via the comfort of their own home., where nobody knows they are even doing it., How do you prevent what you can’t see?



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