Big Bang Theory of Creation

Big Bang Theory of Creation

October 4, 2022 GIA 0
Big Bang Theory of Creation

Big Bang Theory of Creation

When you say the big bang theory as the beginning of the universe, may we suggest see it differently? For if there is no beginning or end., Consider as we were once of another universe upon completion there was no end a continuation began we merged in to this universe and so forth the process continues.,

At what stage we emerge depends on our consciousness and completion of one into another., there is no coming in at the start more a progression of where we have come from to the point of insertion of the new.,

Analogy: There was a time when a lollipop man or woman did not exist and things happened that brought about the need, the reason for the lollipop man or woman. And so forth they were inserted into conscious awareness.,

There was a need, a desire, and we met that need, that requirement for the progression of this universe.,

There are Infinite big bangs happening all the time in each and all universes.,

Analogy: The birth of a new baby., The desire of a family., The need is met.,

Analogy: The growth of a company. Many new desires come into effect as each challenge came into awareness, so did the solution.,

ARZU the continuation of consciousness from one to the other:

The universe was in turmoil due to the one known as ANU with torture, slavery control over all species., The desire for change grew with each attack on new species. Those we call the queens the matriarchy species who defended themselves against the Annunaki., Came up with a new solution to this never-ending desire for change. The queen of the most high of her group called a treaty between both species a merging of union and so forth the one known as ARZU came into this universe ready to meet the desire.,

ARZU born of ANU and the Queen. The queens were of a peaceful and balanced nature. And see the birth of a son could create the fall of ANU if he taps into his queen heritage of all he comes to witness and learn of his father’s ways., The desire, the need, the solution was met., The queens see ARZU as a 50/50 chance at a peaceful universe.,

So forth, the rebellion had begun.,

ANU was in direct competition with the ONE Creator, the great infinite ALL, the great mystery., As with all who go this route, the Fall of ANU came., Same with Akhenaten, same with all., A path one can never win., The factor is CHOICE in that one makes the transition by themselves rather than force.,

Rebooting, cleaning the 3rd dimension earth is the force action of the infinite all., Many cycles within one 75,000 earth cycle to self correct before the transition to the fourth., No correction, reboot, try again, no fourth.,

Within a computer tech world, the definitions are: malfunction, ctrl alt del, reboot, format, restart, install a fresh.,

The Infinite One Creator is all there is.,

It’s all-encompassing love., It loves you so much even though you behaved in such manner of ways it did not hate you for that does not exist., It loves you so much it helps you start again to try again, for it is infinity, the most patient of all., Take 75,000 years or a million, even a billion. Its love will never change, it will wait for you.,

There is no death, there is no end to you., All is wrapped in a great mystery encompassed with the LOVE the light of the one creator.,

The 3rd Dimension., The Desires., The Challenges., The Solution.,


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