Aztecs Journey to Alpha Centauri

Aztecs Journey to Alpha Centauri

May 17, 2022 GIA 0
Aztecs Journey to Alpha Centauri

Aztecs Journey to Alpha Centauri

In history it’s known about the great flood of earth, the comets destroying the earth. There have been countless times the earth people did not survive.

Tribes of those times knew it was coming. The planet was under inspection, an audit of being. Just like these times, when chaos occurs, you know something is up. You’re being tested and many don’t even know it. Same as the tribes of long ago.

Another tribe did not destroy the Aztecs. Did not die of some mysterious virus. They left for Alpha Centauri. The Seven daughters of Taurus were here then as they are now. They took the Aztecs from earth what you might call an ascended tribe. They moved location from earth to a distant planet. When the earth was in trouble and under inspection, we chose them for an advancement in being. We welcomed them into our universe as part of our family.,

The Aztecs followed the teachings of the first tribe 100’s thousand years before them. The mysterious history found in history books is all but a false assumption. They earned the rights of a new world a new way of living., There was no desire for war or hatred. They respected the earth and all it provided them. They were a peaceful tribe, once born into its opposite, tried and tested like all others before them.

There were many other tribes who did not experience the same advancement. Given a gift, we showed them the route into the earth deep inside, far away from the surface. The route to their inner world is difficult to locate for the surface dwellers.

They once walked and lived upon the surface. In disguise, they often travel to the surface. They know the time they once faced is also upon yourselves.

One tribe went up, others went down. Others did not make it. Some left behind to restart project earth., The same process occurred many times throughout the history of human life, over 200,000 plus years of a missing history of earth.,

The Missing History of the Aztec Tribe.,

This process is part of our laws for all species that we brought into being. We take the best of the best and reboot the rest and try again., Theoretically similar to your education system, where you sit an exam at the end of the education cycle.,

Our desired outcome is when the entire planet ascends together as one tribe., The karmic cycle wheel ends eternal life then realised.,