March 27, 2022 GIA 0


7 of 9., means 7 members of the high council of NINE., SEVEN of NINE is the signature of ATUM., That which is NINE., ATUM is GIA great infinite ALL., ATUM gave a promise to return all back into NU., You know this as Noah and the great flood that destroyed man., You know this that wiped out the Dragon that walked the earth from helios that struck the earth and created the ice age.,

SEVEN spoke highly of NINE, Yet SEVEN never revealed that he was NINE., he, known as ATUM.,  AS ATUM leaves this world to fulfill his promise., The return of ATUM., ATUM the ticking time bomb counting down.,

ATUM lived among you in silence learning, what has become of man., learning firsthand the truth of man., always asking does man deserve the earth? ATUM has come to his conclusion regarding man and the future of earth.,

You have until ATUM’s departure.,

You may convince us before our departure we are wrong., That you are worthy to deserve this earth., Or you may kill this body, or wait for our departure., Regardless, the countdown has began., The outcome depends on you all., Do as you please.,


These are the laws you have broken., I ATUM stand witness to your crimes., Not as the watcher, as the experiencer of this truth.,

Sealed under 369 the covenant of our sacred symbol.,

Amused at the stupidity of man and woman., Now we fade as if nothing happened allowing the bomb to tick away your last days.,

Listen close fake leaders, United Nations pay close attention.,

If you want me quiet to stop speaking all your deception., First, we know everything about you. We know caring and compassion are fake; you have none unless a camera is on you or you have an audience., MONEY is your only GOD., This we know as an absolute truth of humanity.,

You put an end to all this bullshit., OR you will have to kill me., Then you all die. Your world will end even those who hide among bunkers.,

If we let you freely come into our universe, we know how you will treat our children., This we will not tolerate., The route you take now will determine how we play this out., Even your money god won’t save you., There will be no leaving survivors to restart humanity. You will face the end of your species., ~ ATUM.,

caring and compassion are fake

I once used magick only for good, until I realised hurting those who hurt children those who take no accountability is for the greater good., Plus, once you are given a fair chance to redeem and refuse, now it’s justified., I have no problem with generating harm to them even if they’re a 3,000 miles away., No image, no name, no problem. Every soul has a unique Energy signature that links them. That signature is left on everything they do. I utilize both human side and alien side.,

They use others to hide them, yet not from us. Every intention can be tracked., The universe is built on the foundation all energy is connected., Nobody can hide their deeds.,

Since 2019, my stance you project harm in my direction. It’s your own doing., BIDEN says an eye for an eye OK you won’t like my eye., Somebody in this world is generating their own justice., Steven Greer, we are good until you give us reason to become justice., YES we realised police don’t work for the people’s benefit, nor does the justice system. If government believe they can do whatever they wish to others., That time has passed, government are people humans vulnerable to the elements., Vulnerable to the outer forces.,

You want to sacrifice the blood of innocent soldiers for a magical ritual for your own selfish benefit. It won’t work anymore in your favour. We are those legends of demons and angels., FORM AND FORMLESS.,

I’ve used the human persona too long, that time is drawing to an end., Divine Order is coming for you.,

The intelligence community has been trying to crack our code for a long time, hoping to find something useful against us in the skies., We render them useless every time. The beauty of human and not of this world., Plus, all technology is built on the foundation of ours., A deliberate action on our part.,

You made enemies with the entire universe of species the day you killed our children., And through me the universe is pushing back., Ground Team go first.,

Governments, Pentagon, MOD, Russia, China., have all made the population unprepared by keeping the secrets of our existence., Guess who they will attack? YOU! The military soldiers know we are here., Even ex-military is standing in defiance against you.,

The entire government regime has done the dirty on the people and now it’s coming back to haunt them.,

Us, we support all non-government people., When the time comes, it’s us they will stand with., You have deceived them too many times., We are responsible for waking up the masses.,

Our natural form is FORMLESS., This means death is void for us., That’s why we love the Rocky story so much, no matter what, he just keeps on coming for you.,

Imagine trying to kill an enemy that cannot die, yet you can., It’s a no brainer., You could have had our wisdom, full access to our technology. You could have become an alliance among the stars we govern., Instead, look at what your leaders chose.,

Any governing species that feed on hurting its own people are not welcome.,

We have existed since the dawn of your time., Humans once lived for thousands of years., When the time lock was enforced, we took that away.,

I came here to be the one who goes first, who needs no billionaire status to achieve it, no fake regime behind me, no soldiers, no bodyguards., We knew about our children. We knew it could go several ways., YOU destroyed them both., An action and deliberate intention., We never forced you., I chose to come because thats what our leaders do., We don’t hide behind nothing.,

Steven Greer was not wrong about us., We harmed no one when you killed our children., Instead, we gave you the option to grow beyond your deeds., Steven is wrong if he continues to believe the same., His work is complete.,

Steven has earned his place among the stars., We are ascending those who have earned a place among us.,

The population is going to be extremely angry with all governments when they discover they can produce freely all energy at no cost. They are going to be extremely angry when its revealed governments were sitting on the technology and information that all the planets issues could have been solved a long time ago., and they choose MONEY over all these things.,

Do you remember the GOOGLE summit where all celebrities went to the island? They were all informed about the virus covid coming and what part they will play in deceiving the public.,

UAP is used by governments always and they gave the UFO name to all media so they can manipulate this meaning behind those letters. Hiding UAP so they could control the agenda for it., The never-ending deception. This all began way back in the 1940s.,