Attention of Utilita, All Governments and All Energy Companies, LIZ TRUSS. TO NAKED FLAMES

Attention of Utilita, All Governments and All Energy Companies, LIZ TRUSS. TO NAKED FLAMES

September 7, 2022 Energy Companies GIA Governments 0
Attention of Utilita, All Governments and All Energy Companies

Attention of Utilita, All Governments and All Energy Companies, LIZ TRUSS. TO NAKED FLAMES.

I am revoking the previous information as I am also revoking don’t pay UK.,
I have shown there are much easier ways to deal with current times. It is far better to seek new ways than to waste time fighting.,

I will not be striking.,

I have been testing the energy consumption for many months now. I have reduced things down to a minimum. No longer use Main cooker Massive wattage intake. No longer use a 2000 watts kettle, I use a 650 watt instead. I use the washing machine twice a month and hand wash all the other times.

The only thing running 24/7 is the Fridge. I do not use the lights apart from a few seconds rarely. In fact, all light bulbs will now be removed.

I do not own a TV, a video player or a radio of any kind. I use one computer running on a low wattage power supply.

My lights are running off solar energy at 12v DC. Anything that requires charging is done also off solar energy.

I do not own a hoover. I own a hand broom. My oven is a small 650 watt camping oven. I also own a log burner for heat and cooking. Where I have collected an entire storage unit of logs. I own 12v DC water heater elements for heating water.,

I also have not used the heating since the winter, I have now insulated these windows myself.

Since switching to all these things, your company Utilita has taken more money, compared to when I did use the washing machine regularly, the main cooker, house lights, and everything else one uses electricity for. It is now 100% clear you have been stealing money. That means you and the government are collectively committing a crime of theft against me and the people.

This last month I put more money on electricity than any other month and used far less. Tonight 7th September 2022 at 2:23 AM the electric has £1.51 pence. Ready to go into emergency earlier than last month. This can only happen if you are rigging smart meters to take money, it does not entitle you to take. This is what the government is supporting.

Once the emergency electricity goes on, I WILL not be topping up gas or electricity. Until you hold yourselves accountable for your crimes. That includes the government as well. They have allowed this to happen.

Russia at war with Ukraine has nothing to do with electricity. British electricity does not come from Russia or Ukraine. It’s about time you stop lying to the people and correcting your dishonest action of theft.

I am going on strike from giving you anymore money. You do not have the right to take money under dishonest means.

Once you fix your dishonesty, we can resume. However, I have lived in a forest without electricity or gas. The only difference now is my tent is made of Bricks.

This message I send to you, will also go public on our website

My address 106 Denvale Gardens, Kennoway, Leven, KY8 5UB.

I will no longer be using email, so don’t bother with emails. I do not use mobile phones so don’t bother calling. If you want to reach me, I suggest you use the postman or come visit plain and simple.

I demand a refund on all the money stolen since this deception started. I will highly recommend people take the same action as myself.
If you want to cut these things off, do as you please. This will also include services that require electricity so broadband will go as well, a domino effect. You will not receive anymore money from me until this has been corrected.
Do the right thing or you and those who support you, “the GOVERNMENT” are common criminals. Then you have no value to this country or any country.,

Any child that comes into harm emotionally, physically, mentally or sexually as a result of financial pressure on family members or any other means that resulted from energy deception government deception. All ENERGY COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENTS YOU ARE NOW REASPONSIBLE FOR CAUSING DELIBERATE HARM ON ALL CHILDREN.,

The domino effect all companies will suffer., More people will take the incentive to do the right thing by their children and families by removing the corruption taking place between GOVERNMENTS and ENERGY COMPANIES.,


The Kettle Came down from 2000 watts to 650 watts and now to Zero watts. The most beautiful thing about this no one can complain about naked flames. We the people never put us all in this situation. Government and energy companies did. They are responsible for all naked flames. Government and energy companies have forced this. If fires happen, then only government and energy companies are accountable and liable. Irresponsible, don’t you think?
My advice to anyone from someone who’s had experience in naked alcohol flame cooking. Ventilation is a major key don’t ignore that fact. Make sure you use metal plates for protection. Don’t leave unattended.,

Washing Machine from 1800 watts down to Zero watts.

Look up the USB Mini washing machine or follow link. Had this a while tried for the first time today, amazing just how well it cleans. No more hand washing, no more machine washing no more 1800 watts.
Power supply: USB. Input voltage: DC5V. Output voltage: DC10V. Rotation speed: 200 RPM. Output power: 6W.
Run this on solar power or any usb connection. I am running off solar and batterys attached to solar controller.

stove kettle


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