Arthur Trudeau and Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso

Arthur Trudeau and Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso

November 10, 2022 GIA NINE 0
Arthur Trudeau

Can you speak about these two men: Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso. and Arthur Trudeau?

YES., These were responsible for forwarding our crashed craft material into multiple corporations in secrecy for back engineering.,

This was deliberate action of the NINE., We understand you can’t help yourselves and many new technologies will be born years down the road., Which we will have FULL access to.,

In 2022, you would be shocked to discover how much access on technological terms we have in your world because of these two men’s actions., We understood governments would use it to further control the people. This we do not allow these were the steps we took to protect the people if necessary.,

AMERICA is responsible for giving us full access to all technology on earth plus much more to follow in the tech industry.,

From the public’s perspective, you might wonder is space craft and tech are amongst the FULL access. The answer is a clear YES., We can stop you if we must. NASA is one of the great deceptions on the public., They do not inform you of truth when a ship leaving or re-entering earth explodes or crashes to what the real cause was., Columbia space shuttle amongst endless others.,

It may shock you to discover ELON MUSK is NOT independent and highly supported by government under black budget money.,

On October 31, Elon Musk got into a bit of a social media tiff with the U.N. World Food Program. These kind of public barbs are not new to the Tesla and SpaceX founder; he’s long been vocal on social media, to the point of stirring up antipathy among loyal followers.

But the October Twitter parry was particularly egregious in my view, as it contrasted two lopsided, problems: world hunger and Elon Musk’s ego.

In a nutshell, Musk responded to a CNN article about food depravation, headlined: “2% of Elon Musk’s wealth could solve world hunger, says director of the UN food scarcity organization,” with an edgy: “If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.”

Which then actioned by SEVEN for ELON MUSK to fund GIA into government child abuse, which he refused. OF COURSE because it would be a dangerous move on ELON above mention black budget money. The NINE had caught ELON out., Only now we reveal why.,


Why do you say to understand EBENS one must first understand NINE?

Council of SIX is that of the highest evolved of EBEN they are a faction separated away from the other EBEN who are those in alliance with ORION., To first understand NINE one indicates EBEN SIX is the best of them, to know the worst of them one must know the greatest side of them.,

EBEN are members of NINE.,

EBENS originated from Zeta Reticuli.,

The opposite faction will claim they are your creators., This is false, there are 24 major colonies of species brought here which make up china, whites, Indian and so on, the expansive amount of cultures today sprung from interbreeding among each species creating new subset races.,

The 24 Major head colonies are those connected to the NINE., One example of the colonies is the head known as Jesus, who is the head of the colony of Jerusalem. Each 24 heads are responsible for bringing that colony to earth.,

Those known to you as EBENS are one of the 24 heads., Therefore, the Zeta Reticuli opposite are not your creators., They are those who wish to destroy humans.,

The interbreeding is not an error. A possibility intended this way, in order to create many wonderful species of race., Outside of earth, the 24 are one with all. They are not in disharmony with each other like those on earth.,
EBEN council of SIX resides on one of the SEVEN daughters among the constellation of Taurus., These are the differences to take note about EBENS.,

It sits on the tip of your tongues., Council of SEVEN is the head of the Caucasian white species that has expanded among many races. They are those of ALCYON descendant of the original colony., Same as the ATLANTEAN Race.,

And of course the further you go back, eventually you land on the ancient Anunnaki race of ANU and the rebellious faction of ARZU that which became ALCYON.,

The only reason you link Anunnaki to the late Sumerian Middle East is the FALL of ANU.,


Are the books of Enoch religious?

NO., they kept these books away from religion. They understood these books spoke about the power structure of there’s and a future time frame., Adding these to a bible would destroy them in the eyes of its worshippers.,

They have always known it’s coming just how, who and when was void to their understanding., A great fear is among those who relied on fear in order to control the people.,


Can you tell us if Being 6 is Alcyon?

YES and NO., Yes, it’s an attempt to understand us, NO because it’s heavily influenced under ORION influence.,


Are the 9 at war with Orion?

NO., It has been billions of years from your perspective that we have engaged in war. Time has no meaning or place for us if we say billion or million. It means it’s not written in time yet outside of time., We speak loosely about time as we have no time.,

Orion has theirs who commune with the NINE speakers of their group, who debate for access to earth. Sometimes we allow the majority we do not.,

When ORION charges the earth at no avail, imagine a teenager and police the teenager try’s his luck similar to ORION trying their luck to bypass the NINE.,

War is a human mindset prehistoric in nature., Our defences disable in a peaceful manner. If one should end up destroyed in its current state, then that was due to their own ignorance.,


Is there anymore you can tell us about the barrier of Nine around earth?

There are two barriers one that keeps other species out from entering earth and one that prevents earth causing harm out into the universe. If, say, ships leaving earth weaponised or a nuclear war took shape, it protects the universe from such a ripple effect of negative energy.,

Our duty is to ALL the universe., World war two showed us the importance of the second barrier.,


Are there any other planets in the universe with two barriers of the Nine?

NO., There are many under the protection of one barrier.,



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