Are we all healers?

Are we all healers?

October 18, 2022 GIA 0
Are we all healers

Are we all healers?

Please do not confuse the meaning for you’re only the healer of self., you cannot be the one responsible for healing others., a healer is not a healer of others. He is offering the opportunity for you to heal yourself.,

Example: If you do some big deed in our direction if I find forgiveness in you, have I not offered the opportunity for you to heal yourself? YES I have., It’s down to you, not I, if you choose to heal.,

It’s a cute ego trip to believe you are responsible for another’s healing, yet it’s a lie, always a lie.

When the man Jesus healed, it was not him healing; it was the blind man doing it. Jesus offered infinite intelligence in that moment for the man to heal himself to see.,

Take the bridge. One side is the blind man, the other infinite intelligence. Jesus joined the bridge that allowed the man to cross and heal himself using infinite intelligence.,

We, you, are all healers of ourselves., never be fooled by ego trips of self importance over others.,

You’re the one who connects the bridge to infinite intelligence, nothing more.,
An example of one providing the bridge connection.,

Another example these three monks are the connection of the bridge. The woman is the one healing cancer in herself within 3 minutes., The WOMAN., These men are conduits for the bridge opening.,

How are you reading our thoughts?

Light is the substance of everything. I am that, as it is I, Love is the breathing force which helps ride the waves of light in order to receive, pick and choose that which we wish to answer and share.,

If desire is the force of 3rd density and rock, wood, water and all things is the substance. Then, I am moving through desire as the substance forming from one to the other, like building the foundation of a house one brick at a time.,

Desire and material combined are physical form. The world you see around you.,

Love and light are nonphysical, which means there are no limits or boundaries to my reach., Mind and thoughts are part of the nonphysical world.,

In the ionosphere is a big lottery of collective human thoughts swirling around. I am choosing them one by one.,

You can directly target a thought at me, and I shall pick it up. If I choose to answer it is a question in itself.,

I love conscious lottery for no name to the questioner applies.,

If I choose Fred’s question and Fred has never seen or heard of us, the moment I answer Fred’s question, a link forms like neuropaths in the brain join together upon a brilliant idea, a solution or learning of something new., Somewhere in Fred’s reality, the link finds its way to Fred, be it a friend, a conscious revelation., or finding the website., Is Fred listening or too busy in life to notice?

I am using infinite intelligence to make all possible.,

There are things like remote viewing practiced by the military. This is child’s play compared to what we do., If say you learned how to achieve what we do, and you or others requested it for negative purposes against others as a weapon., your abilities disabled and no longer have access.,

Biggest question regarding this subject: are there 4th dimension humans walking among us? YES and they are those who can read others well., they earned it., until the big split there are many of multi-dimensions among you, the 3rd density humans are of the easiest to spot., they can be read like an open book there are no secrets to the other dimensional humans.,

The window is wide open, which allows for all to dance in the same sphere., Only when the window closes does it all change.,

If one human has a thought about another person no matter how much distance between them, one who’s connected can listen to the one who projected to them., If one is not trained in such a way to receive and transmit, they will have no idea to that which we say., The possibilities live inside all humans, 80% of humans have never been trained in such a way to realise its truth.,

Any human in fear, worry, stress or even anger will never achieve the connection until they themselves change. This world is cut off to the selfish folk.,

If you ask as it has been asked many times before over the decades, when does the window close?
We will tell you it opened on 21st December 2012., When it closes, we will say maybe 2025 or 400 or maybe 500 years’ time, to deter you away from caring about when it closes., chose now not later, do now not tomorrow.,

Can you share an example of 3rd density human compared to higher dimension human?


Can you tell us how to use our power effectively as a human on a free will earth?

Accept or Reject.,

Who are the angels and archangels of the bible?

The 24 heads and the NINE.,

Who is Jesus?

One of the 24 heads.,

Are angels higher beings?

We are no different from yourselves, only our dimensions determine where we are in creation., If all is one, then we are you, as you are us., The hierarchy you place us within is all but an illusion caused by misinformation.,

Do angels have wings made of feathers?

When we descended from the skies., The peoples described us as those of the power of birds. The story of feathers came into human consciousness., There were no words for mechanical ships of the sky, so feathers it became., Metaphors of truth.,

Analogy: Imagine 100 years from now you discover tech to travel further than before. Your astronauts land a ship on a new planet and met by another 3rd density species early in their development to those people, would you not appear the same as we once did?


I have a part in me that needs healing. I have not the finance to buy healing. How can I seek help?

If you know of a higher dimensional human around you, pass them on the streets say nothing, make your intention to be healed using infinite intelligence through the one you seek, if there is none you know of in your area, seek meditation or seek a video similar to below., make your intention then listen knowing the infinite creator within you will answer your call.,

Know it is done and go about your day as normal, should the thought arise asking if it’s complete, reject all doubts, affirm it is done., be patient, sleep is your friend in the healing process.,

Affirm each night before sleep:

I am a healthy, vibrant soul. I command every cell of my being to bring me into perfect harmony and rejuvenation., I recognise the one creator in me, as in all., This is my natural birthright., and so it is done.,

Then sleep.,

You need never pay for healing. Health is a free right to being human.,

They both offer infinite intelligence energy., Through these, one can heal themselves.,
In places you might not expect to be infinite intelligence there, so be.,


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