ANON The First Logos

ANON The First Logos

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ANON The First Logos

ANON The First Logos

We highlight where ANON, ARZU to ALCYON.,

One can locate our purpose for entry., Below are the words of RA., From ANON to be in this universe as ARZU regarding ANU to the reasons for rebellion., Free will come about through the actions of Rebellion., From the darkside freely chosen the light side., The implementation of what’s read below., We are the first Logos., Also known as Masters of Time., Game Masters among others., Once perceived by the Pleiadian race as Prime Creator.,

One in memory might see clearly why we once used the name MasterMataz., Master = Masters of Time., Mataz = ARZU, THOTH., SEVEN = 7 Dimensions of an octave, masters of vastness of space., SEVEN Of NINE., 7 = Change., Choice = FREE WILL.,

RA, Session 78. Section 19

RA: The first Logos to instill what you now see as free will in the full sense in Its sub-Logoi came to this creation due to contemplation in-depth of the concepts, or possibilities of conceptualizations, of what we have called the significators. The Logos posited the possibility of the mind, the body, and the spirit as being complex. In order for the significator to be what it is not, it then must be granted the free will of the Creator. This set in motion a quite lengthy, in your terms, series of Logoi improving or distilling this seed thought. The key was the significator becoming a complex.

Q U E S T I O N E R: Then our particular Logos, when it created Its own particular creation, was at some point far down the evolutionary spiral of the experiment with the significator becoming what it was not or, in effect, creating the polarity that we strive for in third density and, therefore was, I am assuming, primarily concerned in the design of the archetypes, in designing them in such a way so as they would create the acceleration of this polarization. Is this in any way correct?

RA: I am Ra. We would only comment briefly. It is generally correct. You may fruitfully view each Logos and its design as the Creator experiencing Itself.
The seed concept of the Significator being a complex introduces two things: firstly, the Creator against Creator in one sub-Logos in what you may call dynamic tension; secondly, the concept of free will, once having been made fuller by its extension into the sub-Logoi known as mind/body/spirit complexes, creates and re-creates and continues to create as a function of its very nature.

Which is no different to those we held accountable for a period of teaching and learning., In order for the significator to be what it is not., An example of our being., where past, present and future merge as ONE in the NOW.,
Wisdom of the children of our system., Before knowing us as their creators.,

Can you say why RA group of three stifled in channeling with fixed rituals and others today can do at will, whilst awake without such rituals?

The three not stifled this system worked for them. Call it an early progression state compared to today’s humans can easily channel conscious awake.

This has always been the case, in the time of the three. It was not a normal everyday thing, consider as a baby uses breast milk and proceeds to solids of smooth texture food, then onto more solid until fully developing to main foods. We can say the same for the three of RA and those today.,

The three are breast milk. Today we see major food channelers.,

As with all things, it’s a step ladder experience how far one chooses to go higher in development is one’s own choice., Under no circumstances is the first step to the higher step any greater than each other, the difference being that in ease.,

To us, we wish that all will cease channelling outside themselves and channel themselves., it is only easy for ourselves as we lose no memory. Our only difference is when, if we choose to access such intel., In regards to the 6 members of NINE., it is more a telephone call communication rather than channeling the same true for ALCYON.,

We are fully aware of who we are, and deny no such parts of ourselves.,


Why did Thoth walk-in to a body rather than born into this world?

There is no end to consciousness, no end to life, for all is infinity, so in our doing it serves by doing and being it speaks of truth., The other was to have lost no memory upon entry., The days of forgetting ourselves are long since gone., This is as much as we wish to discuss on this topic.,



Twin Flames please refine more?

Masculine and feminine make up the twin flame. If I am masculine outside and feminine inside, then I am the twin flame as myself one with myself. Be it man or woman.,

The runner doubts this truth of self; the chaser is one seeking its truth of self., Union is when one has come to terms with its knowing and unified itself.,

As long as one seeks a twin flame in another person, it will never discover its truth.,

The bringing of this wisdom was not new in creation they misinterpreted it due to ORION influence during transmission.,



Who caused the sinking of Atlantis?

ALCYON was responsible for this action of resetting and restarting those you call Atlanteans. They still exist among you.,


If Alcyon is responsible for Atlantis ending, is Alcyon negative?

As stated multiple times, only so much time and chances to correct before such a decision is chosen., ATLANTIS ended on a lessor cycle, which is why they still walk among the earth., The answer you seek is NO.,


How many beings are a part of the Council of Nine or Council of Saturn?

We are 7 direct members of the high council, 2 temporary positions of 1 and 2.,

The crew in service to the council of NINE., double the number of humans currently on earth is how many work in service to the NINE.,


Does Seven currently on earth have a stand in whilst away, say 1 or 2?

NO., We are simultaneous; we are in multiple places at the same time., Each aspect in different locations has access to each other., Everything the NINE does, I am also aware of all changes occurring also within the decision process making, doing.,

SEVEN is eyes on the ground as others are eyes in the sky, flies on the wall.,

Where can we locate the Nine inside the bible?

Elohim means NINE does not mean god., SEVEN as NAMELESS they of ALCYON among NINE.,

~ NINE.,

We have heard of your connection with the crows or ravens. Please enlighten its meaning?

Watchers, I can give you a present interaction in Leven. Approaching 3 people whose minds were in discord with my approaching, the nearest crow swooped down as if it were attacking them. It was not; it was warning them to silence their thoughts as I passed.,

Crows can be very protective of the NINE.,

To expand your understanding further, one of those in service to the NINE is among the crows. His name is ANGOR., I recently gave him freedom to merge among the other of that species to build an alliance., This gives us access to all crows and ravens.,

ANGOR has access to thoughts, with his new alliance so do all others what they see we see, what they hear we hear., Crows work as a network of family across the entire planet.,


Who created the NINE?

ALCYON it was our responsibility for ANU. Humans were our responsibility., Without the rebellion, the first and the last there would be no NINE., There would be no ORION if there was no ANU imprisoned, at least in terms of their interest in humans.,

One might say your desire created the NINE, ANU’s imprisonment, created the desire in humans. We moved into action and so forth came the NINE.,

~ NINE.,
Listen close, sister summons the NINE by the use of Elohim., We have direct access to Infinite Intelligence. This makes sister a carrier of infinite intelligence, as previously stated.,
Frequency of our lands of the SEVEN Daughters.,


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