Annunaki History On Earth (The crucifixion raising of the Christo’s CHRIST)

Annunaki History On Earth (The crucifixion raising of the Christo’s CHRIST)

June 30, 2022 GIA 0
Annunaki History On Earth

Annunaki History on earth

The crucifixion raising of the Christo’s CHRIST

ANU was the only royal imprisoned on earth. The royals today are distant descendants of ANU half breeds ANU required humans to continue. To be a royal Annunaki one must be a full breed Annunaki or they are not royal.,

The remaining Annunaki the second faction who worked alongside ARZU, went to ALCYON., Annunaki are not reptilian’s or lizard people. This idea came about from the 1980s tv series V for visitors that invaded the earth. It gained momentum by the one and only David Icke who made Annunaki fashionable. David Icke was wrong about the royals being Annunaki. They are half breeds.,

The Pleiadians are creators of Humans, who are also Annunaki, the children of ALCYON, born out of ARZU, also known as SEVEN., Humans are an experimental species born out of many species a mixture of DNA.,

The second faction of Annunaki were those who fought in all rebellion wars alongside ARZU., All Annunaki royals live on ALYCON., With SEVEN as the head.,

Humans have countless parallel versions of themselves all competing against themself. The goal is the ultimate version of you., This version of earth had the hardest out of all versions due to ANU’s imprisonment on earth.,

We ourselves do not have other versions of ourselves. We are infinite since the beginning of the universe until the completion of our universe., Then we give birth to a new universe with the ultimate goal of completing all the universes we enter., We take all the perfect versions of humans with us., Where they become one with us “A RETURN TO THE SOURCE” US., Humans do not die because of this fact.,

All versions of earth have scouts monitoring them. This version is the only one where we surround and are extremely concerned about you and this is also the one version we would want to pass because of these facts., There was a time when many of us believed we could pull the entire earth., The wars, the harm you cause, have gone beyond the point of no return. Now we agree to finding the remaining individuals who are worthy., Kindness is a great place to start., There is a throne with all your names on, yet you must earn your seat among us.,

You know us by all these names., In our universe, we are Nameless, formless formed., All the gods in your history are Nameless., Humans gave us the label of gods because we descended from the skies and in those days to humans we could only be that., It’s false., Not only that, the last rebellion took place in the skies of earth.,

We do not create species so they can worship us. It’s so they can join us, be as us.,

Nine is the collective network of heads that encompasses the universe made up of seven heads seven species of the NINE., Our identifications are as follows, THREE., FOUR., FIVE., SIX., SEVEN., EIGHT., AND NINE.,

The second faction of the Annunaki known as the ALCYON’S., The first faction dissolved for their crimes.,

Global Ancestry DNA Swabs., That became a global phenomenon. It was a CON., That was about getting access to your DNA with you freely handing it over. None of us did this. They were after your children by finding out who has our DNA.,


Locate the wisdom of the godhead., The crucifixion raising of the Christo’s CHRIST located in the solar plexus, HUNG on the CROSS of the HUMAN BODY., Raising Christ The fluid, The SEED of Man up through the SPINE to the GODHEAD, THE BRAIN The CROWN The PINEAL GLAND.


SEVEN chakras notice we start on “THREE, Solar Plexus”.,

Man and Woman are the same thing. That’s why the woman holds both Wo&Man., Woman is no less or greater than man., Equal for the race to the throne of the CROWN.,
Stay within the HEART alone, the FOUR then one remains limited, bias, judgemental upon light and dark., Light and Dark are equal.,
As Night follows Day and Day follows Night.,

Completion remains within a succession of the SEVEN.,

Christ is not a man, it’s a message.,


Lastly, THOTH is not the son of Enki. They are brothers THOTH, is ARZU., Son’s of ANU.,