Altering The Consciousness Of Humanity

Altering The Consciousness Of Humanity

June 10, 2022 GIA 0
Altering The Consciousness Of Humanity

Altering The Consciousness Of Humanity

In your world, governments created the false idea of global climate change. It’s all a lie. They know something is happening to the sun. They have seen us doing stuff and entering the sun.,

This scares them. They are afraid of losing control over you., Truth is, there is nothing they can do. They are powerless.

There is no climate crisis. Man creates all damage., The ozone is fine.,

The SUN holds the DNA of all life on earth., It develops all life. Life cannot exist without the SUN.,

We are injecting DNA altering frequencies., Altering the consciousness of humanity.,

The human body absorbs the sun’s rays in turn, absorbs the new frequencies., Whereby some on earth want to alter your DNA via water, GMO in foods and pharmaceuticals., We are countering these effects and overwriting them.,

Metaphor of the times: The sun is like a programmer who programs the DNA of all life., When an infestation occurs, we correct the code and hand it to the coder.,

If you were to seek the authentic medicines of nature, clean your water, refrain from eating animals., Your life will change and evolve dramatically in beautiful ways.,

150 years ago, nature was your number one source of all medicine., You survived this long without chemical medicine., Your water is not clean., Animals have as much right to life as you do., When an animal slaughtered, that ENERGY from that slaughter, absorbed into your body, your DNA.,

We occupy all planets, moons in this sector of the universe.,