Alien Abductions The False Information, Correction.,

Alien Abductions The False Information, Correction.,

March 16, 2022 GIA 0
Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions The False Information, Correction.,

For more than 50 years, we have exposed our people to your planet and the issues that come with it, man made viruses among many things. Our solution was to remove our people quietly, temporarily, what you have called alien abductions. False., We were not conducting experiments we were solving the issue with our implants to protect them.,

We only take our own people who agreed this will occur throughout their stay.,

If they resist, it causes more issues for them., When one claims experimented on, they have detached, fully assimilated a human standpoint.

When our people allow the implants to be removed by humans, they place themselves at substantial risk., No longer protected.,

Negative information began long ago during the first cases. Once they took the negative approach, others began latching onto the same idea without real recollection of their origin., The idea caught on like a forest fire.,

They are our people. The ratio between those who resisted, are far less than those who remain silent or keep a positive attitude regarding the subject.,

The greys are a medical species skilled in many species’ anatomy including humans. 90% of those who claimed greys were actually a programmed perception via mass collective consciousness of misinformation. Not actually what happened.,

The returning of our people is always ongoing as fresh developments occur on earth., We did not make this information available. This gave us a clear sign of who we will use and not.,

The misinformation regarding Elon Musk microchip in the brain regarding healing the body., Our implants already do this, without taking full control of the person., Without using the brain., Our implants work alongside the body., Providing the mind remains in a positive state., Negative state has the reverse impact. We call that resisting.,

Elon Musk means well. However, that’s a dangerous road he takes. Unless he is the first person with a microchip, we reject him., We guarantee Elon will never do first., Maybe you should ask why.,

Scenario the USA, all residents have a microchip installed inside the brain., Everywhere else does not., The USA, hit by an EMP weapon, can end the USA in one strike., Many frequencies that can fry the brain cause permanent brain damage., Electric cars are one thing. You will become the next Dr J. Robert Oppenheimer.,