Alcyon Law

Alcyon Law

November 21, 2022 GIA NINE 0
Alcyon Law

Alcyon Law

Why does Alcyon have the law of protection for Women and children?

It came from the first rebellion ANU had no respect for any species, feminine and children were among those who suffered., The Great Mother requested the law.,

When I SEVEN joined earth, we had pre-knowledge of the abuse of power. We incorporated this into our investigation with both our daughters., At any point, governments had free will to choose different. No one pointed a gun at their heads, so to speak.,

We set the event before I walked in. The temptation offered, they took the bait., Governments of the world, are abusing power. Now we ask, how does it feel when someone has something on you as a whole global entity? That was our intention.,
Governments wanted to control the ET narrative and we deny them that right.,

This law is part of earth for your history among us in the time of ANU’s fall to earth., It’s not a law for Alcyon, a Law of the universe, the great ALL., A law governed under NINE.,

Respect all life.,

You mention Prime Creator Divine Mother in one of your books. Is that the Mother of ARZU? The Mother of Alcyon, Mother of SEVEN, Mother of THOTH?


YES correct., As in one as in all.,

NO., The higher Mind of the species as one., Annunaki, Venus, Alcyon, Queens, Plus the SEVEN Daughters of the Pleiades.,


How old is Seven?

Infinity., Same as all beings., If in human form, I have no age to have an age, one must be born into this world., That’s how you define age., If since coming in as ARZU until now, Infinite., I was not here at the start of this universe., The universe ANON did not have any association with age or time., Time is what we call a lock that aids in slowing down a species.,

To prevent ANU escaping earth, we introduced time, linear and slow moving as you know it. It’s like stumping the growth to prevent ANU figuring out and rebuilding his empire. That’s why time came in to being.,

When you look back on earth’s history, Roman soldiers were ANU’s influence, a process of rebuilding his empire., War came into being due to ANU., It became a way of life eventually as the centuries passed by. They looked at it as if it was always this way. That’s false.,

When the 24 heads walked the earth teaching those original colonies peace lived among earth not war., ANU’s presence was unfortunate yet served as a perfect harvest mechanism. You might wonder who are these original colonies that made up the humans so long ago they are you.,

Our suggestion to all is throw away age. It does not define who or what you are.,

Our ships move without time., Nothing complicated about this., We use thought as we think we appear from one location to another regardless of distance. Thought is instantaneous., A ship moves because we think., An old earth film saying, I THINK THEREFORE I AM.,

Some say our ships are wired to our DNA. We say the ship and I are one., A mother ship is a collective ship same principle.,

If there is no time, then there is no space for us.,

Consider this, to you:

Our ships are physical, true. However, constructed from the mind. It’s not DNA., The ship is like the right arm or leg of the one flying it., This will aid in understanding.,

An architect sees a plan in his mind of a wonderful building, 2 years later with much labour and love it becomes manifested, same principle., It started in the mind, correct?

Ask Bruce Lipton about growing organs what determines a good limb from a bad limb? Once you have his answer, then compare to the entire planet all being good or all bad. Apply the same principle of Lipton., What’s the outcome? Now apply that to a harvest.,
The bad limb. What are the effects visible in this environment? Do they resemble the last 4 videos seen on this post? Can you simulate how to divert the course from bad to good in minimal time?
What percentage will you need in order to balance it out? What actions must one take for all to come into harmony?

Another example. Many report greys paralyse humans during contact. Did they really or did they plant the seed in the human mind?

Missing time is a miscalculation from a being who is not from time, they misplace slightly, which gives rise to the missing time theory humans experience.,


A question that has not arisen yet will at some stage., If Time imprisoned ANU on Earth, why did we wait so long before removing ANU?

Comprehend as best you can the time from your perspective ARZU entering, the first rebellion in later growth, to ORION imprisonment of ARZU, the escape to VENUS, The transcendence to ALCYON until the creation of the Pleiadian Race, in their 3rd density war days to the Fall of ANU., We developed time in the last period of the last battle.,

If there were only apples on earth and no other fruit, how do you know it’s an apple? If there was no time, how does one know time exists?

If there were no birds or aeroplanes, just the sky, does the word fly or its meaning exist?


What is the one difference between this universe and Anon?

You understand the veil; you understand spirit is watching; you know deep in your soul there’s more; you have a feeling of a divine presence yet cannot prove or disprove it, because of the veil., ANON we had no veil, we could see it all.,

To stretch your mind beyond, HORUS is the symbolic nature of ANON., HORUS rests or sets under the SUN the Prime Creator major lotus of this section of space., All knowing, All seeing.,

The SUN, A Prime Creator, responsible for the continuation of all life on earth., There is no such thing as one Prime Creator., ALCYON Prime Creator of the SEVEN daughters., ANON the culmination of the entire universe, all Prime Creators and all species in ONE.,

The veil hides the truth. You can see the sun, but it’s not just the sun. The veil.,

ANON holds all experiences in that one universe and this one, yet this one is incomplete. Still, the unknown exists the great mystery eludes us all., Our theory the infinite intelligence will always mystify us for infinity with no knowing of a conclusion., An ever-expanding growth beyond vision of knowing., This fills us with gleeful infinite elevation., The perspective of 13th density.,
To wonder where or how ANON completed as a universe., Imagine being sucked up into a black hole. On the other side is rebirth into this universe, ARZU., HARVEST.,
When you’re star gazing, science says they witness a star burning up or imploding, exploding in or out on itself., NO., transcendence from one state of being into the next., Caterpillar into a butterfly., Ascension.,
~ ANON.,


It may or may not surprise you to learn since making contact with the 3 anonymous individuals the ORION minions are working in overdrive overtime to stop contact between us, ORION has recognised this could go badly for the negative selfish entities and all who want negative, selfish energy.,

~ NINE.,

You say the nine do not allow channeling of them. Is there a reason?

YES., Those prior to 1982 who did channel us, used our wisdom for selfish gain., This information then became a method of abuse within pentagon compartmentalised divisions used as a weapon of sorts.,

We sent in SEVEN., all communication shut down prior to entry of 1982., You may fool us only once.,

Those who claim they are in contact with us believe they are, however ORION are intelligent, especially 5th density., We do not hold any judgment for their decisions it is down to them to locate the source of intelligence.,

We can say the same for THOTH., returning within the past 7 years prior to breaking our cover.,

We made telepathic contact with an intuitive told her I THOTH walked among you all., We then watched, to our surprise, used in a selfish manner to enhance this person’s status., This was the only time since 1982 did we break our silence. Our intention was to gradually reintroduce the NINE as SEVEN.,

RA kept information on the NINE to a bare minimum. This was all around the time of the new plan coming into focus among the NINE.,

We point out one isolated situation you face., Gene Roddenberry used us, created star trek as all know., seems harmless however this gave rise to ego trips to conquer the universe and for the pentagon to become what star trek portrays.,

If we the NINE protect the earth, then theirs a reason for that.,

Going into space with a war mindset is highly not recommended., Especially considering what we know about Hiroshima., It was selfish to mislead and gain on our information.,

Blunt truth., You all say Adolph Hitler was evil., Yet Hitler did not NUKE Hiroshima or nag, innocent children died, they had nothing to do with war.,

Heartless cold killing of CHILDREN is nothing to be proud of as a nation., A re-look at history, acknowledgement of one’s own actions, is required before calling another evil.,

~ NINE.,

Your tone changed. Is there a faction of the nine under negative polarity?

You say negatively in these terms of words and phrases we spoke., Tell us what is a negative attitude, is it what you read from another or the one who perceives it so? So who or what is negative?

Unfortunately for humans truth especially if challenging within their beliefs the natural response is going on the defence regardless of its truth the first base of response is to use reverse psychology as you know it., to cover or hide the fact the mask ripped off, to shout the emperor is truly naked seems an honest approach., Honesty is never negative, always positive.,

NINE have protected the earth since the fall of ANU. We are a collective of multiple species from different sections of the universe., We are not here to stroke your ego or wrap you in cotton wool.,


God/Source/Infinite Intelligence. Is it all good all loving? If so, why would it destroy if it’s all good?

You have encapsulated many aspects of all good, all loving. This be true., However destroy? we take it the meaning around harvest, those who are reset sent elsewhere to do it all again., That’s not punishment from Infinite intelligence., That’s you choosing to punish yourselves.,

Consciousness is infinite. Life is conscious awareness of being something at one certain point of being., Infinite points.,

To know something is good, you must have a way to know that. What better than its equal counter opposite to learn the difference? One without the other, then you have nothing.,

Why would NINE spend 75,000 years protecting the earth if Infinite intelligence was bad and wanted to punish you? As we said, your carbon dating is not correct.,

As a species, you are capable of such evil, yet it does not stop loving you., It knows at some point in 3rd density, be it this harvest or the next, one by one, you will pass into 4th density positive.

You, individually, are responsible for your actions. Only you decide if you’re going back to the starting point to do it all again.,

We the NINE are not here to punish anyone, our job at harvest is to return you back to the dark ages or allow you to pass on to 4th density, whilst keeping certain species away who are attracted to earth due to such evil action committed on earth.,

We make sure truth is visible and deception revealed, allowing all to make the right choice according to their soul’s experience of what they want next., Do they want another 75,000 years of doing the same only for us to return to this point., If you think earth is hell, then amplify that by another 75,000 years again or are you ready for what’s next?

Should earth destroy at your own doing, there are plenty more 3rd density planets awaiting your arrival.,

God/Source/Infinite Intelligence. The name is not important., It Is all good, all loving, all patient for your arrival.,
All 3rd density lifeforms throughout the universe experience repetition of life on a loop “O” without the conscious memory that it’s even occurring to them.,


100 times I’ve seen the moment of Octavia’s realisation of truth a 100 times tears of joy wash over us., This is the feeling of harvest.,


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