Alcyon Appearance Council of NINE The Saturn Manifestation

Alcyon Appearance Council of NINE The Saturn Manifestation

October 4, 2022 GIA NINE 0
Alcyon Appearance Council of NINE The Saturn Manifestation

Alcyon Appearance Council of NINE The Saturn Manifestation

We have explained many things regarding us in the 12th Dimension as the Alcyon race. However, if you found a way to observe from 3rd density perspective, be it telescope if that was possible for you, you would say there is nothing there but gases as you know it., This is somewhat confusing to explain, for we would appear in the form of a blue mist., If you light a flame, adjust the flame until you see it turn blue. That’s how you would see us.,

From our perspective is vastly different., We have the ability to be formed formless, formless formed., the reason for your perception of us would be your senses for seeing us, us appearing as this blue haze.,

To you we are blue mist, to us we are not.,

We can appear to you in your inner world in your 3rd density body. Try this at night when all is dark. Call on the collective Alcyon., With your eyes closed, relaxed mind, stare into the vastness of empty space within your mind. When you see a swaying of blue light electric blue mist, haze flowing, dancing like a hypnotic belly dancer, the moment you witness our presence call us closer to you. Try not to over think anything or justify what you are experiencing., Then you will know we are close., This is how you would perceive us in 3rd density.,

One can obtain this vision of us in a positive, harmonies state of joy.,

Do not try to channel us for wisdom. We will not allow., the experience is good enough. If we have anything to say, it’s done via the standpoint of SEVEN., or you may contact us and ask SEVEN via email we will share public on a post for all to learn from, anomously if you wish.,

12th Dimension vastly different to how 3rd density be.,

Now to emerge as SEVEN on Saturn is now us coming back down to merge with the Council of NINE where we are many dimensions. This is where formed formless, formless formed comes into play., We have between us all an agreed system for all being aligned on the same dimension of perspective, communication and our work together.,

See Saturn as our head base. Our meeting place, our monitoring station for the protection of earth., You will notice on Saturn our symbol at its pole, you will notice the rings we rest among., We have an entire fleet of ships from many dimensions of the collective species of all NINE and the 24., Many already know human perception has seen us on and around Saturn.,

If we speak as the Council of NINE, you will know as SEVEN or SEVEN of NINE.,

If we speak from Alcyon, we speak as THOTH or SEVEN., For we are NAMELESS without NAMES.,

If a council member has something to interject, we will use as an example. THREE Of NINE or if it’s NINE Then just NINE.,

When we speak of ARZU know this was the 3rd density for us.,

If we speak of our time among VENUS, then THOTH is the birthplace of our identity.,

I, SEVEN., communicate back and forth with all NINE., and Alcyon via what you know or semi understand with telepathy.,

I, SEVEN., as a human form, am not a channel like you learn about others., We have never been born on this 3rd density earth not now, not ever.,

As the one known as Abraham Lincoln how his body was taken over same is true for this body., The difference being the old soul left the body during death of the body at the point of our insertion of consciousness.,

From this process of insertion of consciousness, we lost no memory, no knowledge of our worlds and our history among all dimensions. We have remained in full contact with the NINE throughout our time here.,


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