Add love to any light particle and you shall

Add love to any light particle and you shall

September 16, 2022 GIA 0
Add love to any light particle and you shall

We can sum the foundation of the entire universe up in two words: Love and Light., However human love is a mere fraction of its meaning., Add love to any light particle and you shall create any form., Until Love is understood, it would be no easy task to create.,

Human love has conditions you must meet or have met or love falls away., The creator’s original plan the love, has no such limitations, no such conditions. That’s why a mere fraction of its meaning., Human love is not the creator’s love.,

When you grow a house plant and you speak to it daily, the plant tends to blossom like magic., For the plant is in harmony with love and light. It understands the love you offer, although still not the human love meaning., Because the plant understands it responds according to the creator’s original plan., You are serving the plant as it serves you., as you offer it love, it offers you oxygen, plus blossom of beauty in return, a cooperation with the foundation of the universe., The original plan.,

When you lay upon a pillow at night, the great infinite ALL is with you offering love in service to you yet seldom realised. The pillow is the great infinite ALL in practice, a conscious pillow that understands its role as to serve keeps you comfy as you rest., Yours is to accept this unconditional love of the infinite creator., How do you serve the pillow? You give it purpose and meaning.,

Your chair you sit on is a conscious being of the infinite creator aware its role is to serve you as a place to rest., Yours is to accept this gift of the great infinite intelligence, a pure cooperation unfolding around you every day in everyway with ALL things.,

Humans look to the sky for an imaginary friend who never shows its self, forgetting the original day you set foot upon earth that the infinite creator will always be with you., You have the wisdom inside you. You have forgotten through business of the illusion of everyday drama.,

When a stranger says hello to you, they are the infinite creator serving you, to make your day bright, for it understood you were troubled, so it came to your aid with love and light.,

Every object, every animal, insect, micro lifeforms are all conscious of their role in cooperation with you, all participating as the infinite creator in harmony.,

There is no ulterior motive behind a smile a greeting, for all are the infinite intelligence trying to gain your attention to the one truth the original plan., to bring you from slumber into awareness of who you are and why you are here and where you are going.,

Things like covid, energy crisis, war, false leadership are all distractions from keeping you away from the truth., They are of no importance.,

Seeking the truth seeking the great infinite Intelligence is all there truly be, everything else is an illusion you have created or bought into.,

The great infinite Intelligence seeks more for those to start questioning their reality to begin seeking the truth that has been hidden from you for thousands upon thousands of years.,
Once you begin, the answer will follow. That’s a fact., When you pray, don’t speak, don’t ask for anything, just LISTEN in silence.,

We are not talking about this imaginary friend in the sky called god. Keep that within the illusion where it belongs.,

Saying love and light to another is not the answer. Only when you don’t say it do you truly understand it.,
When it comes to dark, evil, monsters, negativity, vampires, every kind of put down you can think up all belong within the illusion they have nothing to do with the universe they are mans creation not a creation of the great infinite ALL., That’s a fact.,
Maybe you have been told prayer means asking, talking, it’s in correct, true prayer is listening only. The Great Infinite ALL already knows what you seek, your job is to just LISTEN.,
An example that just unfolded through listening., I took down the living room bubble wrap from the window in this room alone. To hang an extra solar panel. I can feel the difference. By listening I was told to buy the following 1. Insulation Foil one for each window. 2. Magnetic Catch Self Adhesive Strips. Hang them between curtains and window wall at night, remove in the daytime.
That’s the power of true prayer.,
Try not to confuse listening with listening for someone’s vocal voice, inspiration, inner knowing, psychic intuition is our meaning., That inner still voice.,

Although we are against using this man as a reference due to misconceptions about him, Jesus was known to sit alone in silence a lot. What did you think he was doing? He was LISTENING.,

When you are in a place of harmony and total bliss within yourself, you are in a place of listening., When you are listening, you are in alignment with the Creator’s original plan., You are in synch with the natural law of the universe.,
Jesus was a man no different from you or I. He was a man in synch with natural law, in synch with the creator’s original plan., This made him stand out above all those who surrounded him. It was not his doing that others turned him into a god figure., For the error of man, we canceled his return.,
The missing years of Jesus are not missing. They are misunderstood. He was in solitude honing his listening skills until he perfected them., He resurfaced when he was in synch with natural law and the creator’s original plan resided within him., That is the true gift hidden within every man, every woman., Jesus understood it those around him did not.,
The churches, the priests, everything they taught you about him is the reason Jesus himself has refused to re-enter the earth., for it has done more harm than good.,

A seed is in synch with natural law. It seeks the light with pure ease. Effortless., It comes naturally to the plant., The creator’s original plan is embedded into its whole being., It does not wake up each morning asking what should I do, it just knows what to do.,

A dog joyfully chasing its tail is in synch with natural law, maybe daft to you yet joyfully entertaining for the dog., It’s in bliss of itself., That joy is the creator’s original plan embedded within its being., That plan is embedded into every lifeform., Only man is he who tends to not listen.,

Five decades old yet still as true as the day of its conception.,

The Great Infinite ALL, my friends, made the creation. We are that creation. We are the ALL. We are all one. It is impossible to be anything else. No matter where you are, what you think or what you do, this fact remains that you and all of your brothers and sisters throughout all of this infinite creation are one, single, great, living being; not only your brothers and your sisters, but all of life, all of the trees and flowers and rocks. All of the foliage and all of the planets and stars are part of that one great being.

And yet, man on Earth attempts to separate and divide and subdivide. And this is not truth. And yet, he does not realize, for he is yet in a state of ignorance brought on by his own misdirected thinking. Truth is simplicity itself, and yet he has complicated this truth to such an extent that he has killed his fellow creatures in great profusion. And he has generated much hatred for his fellow creatures. And in doing so, he has generated this hatred for himself. For to hate your fellow man, my friends, is to hate yourself.

And in doing so, he has brought upon himself terrible, terrible grief. For what could be worse than inflicting pain and destruction upon one’s self? And this is what he does. There are millions and millions and millions of planets throughout the creation. And these are inhabited by millions and millions of people, people like yourself. And yet, they do not hate. They do not fear. They do not envy. They do not show greed. They do not judge.

For how is it possible to do any of these things if there is only one being? For in doing any of these things, there is nothing but a self-inflicted wound.

We the NINE., in Service of the Great Infinite Creator

Are living as closely to the plan as we possibly can. We do this because we know it to be the only logical and rational way of living. To divorce yourself from the plan is only to confound the true workings of nature. Your people at present are totally unaware of such a plan. Your scientists ignore it. They are extremely interested in plans of their own. Unfortunately, their plans do not follow the plan of the Creator. Therefore, they waste much of their time and energy, and build devices that have no real valuable purpose. Their purposes are transient, I can assure you.

Your Scientists

Should realize that there is a purpose to the creation that far surpasses what they suspect. They should avail themselves to the purpose in meditation. Then they would find that they would begin to understand the plan, and thereby, they would be able to use their knowledge to build within the plan, not, as they do now, with no heed at all to the truth, and with plans of their own which have no relationship to truth.

Your governments

Make the same error. They do not work within the plan. They are not aware of the plan. They attempt to make laws, but their laws do not work. They appear to have some value, but very shortly, much strife is generated, and the result is war. They do not understand that the reason for this strife is that they have ignored the natural plan of creation, the natural order of things, and the law of the Creator that devised this. Your leaders should avail themselves in meditation to truth, as we do.

In the past, you have known SEVEN to entrap governments in their own wrongdoings.

We did not do this out of hate for them. We did it out of love to bring them into higher consciousness., To awaken them to the truth and help break them free of their self built illusion to nowhere., To awaken to the truth was their choice., we offered a nudge in the right direction.,

For that which is ending., For that which is not infinite, eternal, everlasting., For that which is destroying itself is only that of ILLUSION.,

Make No Confusion

If you were to meet us in person and speak with for 30 minutes, you might wonder if the person who writes here and the person you speak are one and the same., The answer is most certainly true., When man recognises, we are visitors of earth, then confusion ends in man, matching our energy to yours ends.,

However, I have walked among you for 40 years after taking the body of a boy who died in a house fire. In historical records, the boy died in the flames trapped inside the back room, huddled behind what was a wardrobe. The fire crew could not reach him. The back was highly secure, with no viable access. Our job was to save his body as best we could.,

Death to you and death to us are not the same thing.,

His life and everything about him had all the qualities we required. For 30 and more years, we learned to remain hidden. We learned to blend in., We learned what to say and not to say with the present being standing before us. A vast collection of different perceptions forever changing meant plenty of practice. If one man compares his thought to another on us, they would be confused, for they haven’t understood. We matched our energy to theirs specifically. Our interaction with all souls will always reflect differently than what you read here. Here there are no rules, no perceptions to follow, no filters.,

By playing and entertaining the illusion I am demonstrating, I am no different to you regardless of where I come from., for to understand all is one being, then there is no confusion here.

Each of you, as all people throughout all of the creation, are one. One! Know this and this alone and you will know enough. But know it, my friends. Do not think it. Do not speak it. Do not accept it. Know it.

For when you know it, you will then know love.


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