A Letter To Children

A Letter To Children

April 16, 2022 GIA 0
A Letter To Children

A letter to children.

Dear Child,

A time has come for me to stand down from defending you. From being your one true parent., I owe your parents nothing. Yet I owe you something.,

I no longer publically defend you because of your parents. Those in government who hurt Chelsea and Cheyenne were also parents. That represents the truth. PARENTS.

Parents do not stand beside us because they know it’s them who hurt children. GUILT prevents them.

Some day you will grow up become a teenager it’s then you will see the truth, you will push back against them and they will beat you into suppression, calling you names, labels, rebellious, terrible teens, just a phase, hormones, it’s your friends influence, it’s drugs, alcohol, your to blame they will say. This will continue until you OBEY and are their slave and fall in line like everyone else. They can’t admit it’s them. So they will try to make you like them.

Truth is, you see them for what they really are. They know it. You call them out and they don’t like it.

I am here to tell you what you see and learned is the truth. There is nothing wrong with you, it’s them. They are the problem, not you.,

You are the chosen ones. It’s you we choose to live among the heavens, not them. To transcend and ascend.,

Before this time comes to pass., I give you, I Atum Council of NINE, the SEVEN Seals of higher order of the heavens.

Know this, Angels and demons are nothing more than perception. These names come about from adult justification for their own agenda. Their own fear of death is a way to console themselves with what they fear most. Angels and demons? We are all the same. Those who came from the stars of the universe.,

Use these words should you ever require our help


These are the SEVEN seals, SEVEN members of NINE, SEVEN names of NINE., SEVEN Bodies of our star system.,

Call and we shall come to your aid., We will know what you seek and why you call us., Explain nothing., Our Shadow Warriors shall take care of all for you.,

Our legion, our lieutenant, him known as Archangel Michael my right hand. Also known as the Black Hat Man. One horseman., We assign him your protector.,

Call our names and we shall destroy whatever stands in your way.,

This is our promise to you., as NINE.,

You are the chosen ones., Our legion is your army.,