A Creator Creating The Creator’s Plan

A Creator Creating The Creator’s Plan

March 8, 2022 GIA Heaven 0
A Creator Creating The Creator’s Plan

A Creator Creating The Creator’s Plan

I watched this family build for over a year. Impressed I love the fact it’s a family adventure, kids in their element. There was no running back to the old home it was all in and do it.

This, to me, is pure heaven living. I shall buy a farm or something similar, yet just dreaming about such a way of life doesn’t really count unless you’re making steps towards it. So that I did, I have a large storage area unused and when I extend beyond the storage I have 5 windows to expand to. Currently, planning my mission with seeds compost, grow lights, even working on solar powered fans for air conditioning. And self watering pots. My indoor farm has begun.

Currently growing cabbage, Cress and mung beans plus potatoes and cabbage, I learned how to store for 6 months to a year., Potatoes I may abort due to time to grow. Micro-greens are the fastest producing source of food and I love juicing. Bean Sprouts is probably the tastiest thing out there. 4 to 6 days to grow phenomenal growth rate.

My body has already begun rejecting other foods. The world is building momentum with a historical shift., If we are not on the earth’s new plan, she will reject those on the old plan. In ancient days, of Lemuria plants were the food source. Longevity was a normal state of being. When man began slaughtering animals, the energetic vibration changed them. Man became what he eats. Absorbing the energy of slaughter, pain, and misery. Man became exactly what he ingested.

I eat kebab meat for the last time. My body was having none of it anymore, rejected the food. The body has to shift over to the lighter source of food before it reaches the point of no return.,

Word to the wise don’t make the error I made Bought 2,400 mung beans costing £6.07 weight 204 grams when I can easily get Organic non GMO 2.5Kg bag for £13.46 The seed farm is not always the wise choice to buy from. Your local shop may just surprise you.

The coming invasion ad break

The Midgy Invasion of Loch Lomond. I often wondered if Scotland had this possibility. Some told me to head West Scotland. Land is wild and abundant in natural nature. Yet staying at the top of Loch Lomond was all out war me against the midgy army that invaded my camp in the night. Charging thousands upon thousands wearing helmets and armor baring sharp teeth yelling human blood attack! The captain yelled, halt men his an illegal alien. The midges soon gave in. We came to a truce, and I moved east. Word got around among the midgy community to this day, the midges avoid me since the Battle of Loch Lomond., Never underestimate the midge. A tiny mean savage, humans run for your life beware of the midge, the blood-sucking vampire.,

However, I walked for miles one day discovered a hidden village near to Tayport. The edge of woods lived 4 houses which felt like I stepped through a portal into the 1940s mystical location no sign of the modern world. Half a mile later, two houses 200 yards apart again felt wonderful. Animals poking their heads up, wondering who was coming.

The Creature of Tentsmuir Forest. My time spent in Tentsmuir forest. How dare I forget the hairy monster who hides in the forest., Each morning made himself known to me hiding among the bushes. Intrigued by what creatures watches me until I found a post stating in history some 1,000 years prior the locations of beasts and demons living among the forest.

We lived side by side, a harmless creature who could piss a record-breaking time, climb and leap among trees like an ape in semi cloaked camouflage, an impressive creature. No local knew about him or her seems they have gone undetected for a long time. I got its attention and curiosity. The creatures that live among Scotland, unaware too the surrounding modern world., Yet a population kept busy. No wonder it’s so easy for any species to sneak up unaware.

They had a particular sound I heard it before on film, the sound of Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I laughed and said fuck off, no way. No way of really knowing. What made it different was its peacefulness, no reason for harming. Intrigued of me as I it., I still wonder if the director of that movie manifested this creature into being., That is the true stupidity of Hollywood. Sometimes they don’t understand the possible dangers they can bring into this world using mass focus films. Be careful what you create., It was of no harm to me as I did it. Who knows with humans? films depict human harm all the time. You might someday end up creating your worst nightmare., The positive aspect we created allies only animals and non-human recognize non-human.

When Columbus invaded the Americas. The natives were met with strange aliens history is repeating., After the great historic shift, non humans will give up their human camouflage and honor their true self., As the remaining human population becomes used to us living among them., Then after a time we shall flock in from the skies come up from beneath the earth., A New World Species shall emerge., A New Golden Age.,

I would say then we mate with human women and men and create a new hybrid species bit late. We have been doing that for decades. Why else would children be smarter than ever in history? See videos below hybrid child skills.,

Back to the blog.

The positive action towards a dream farm., If your farm won’t come to you, then you go to it with the resources you have. Nothing more satisfying than creating a new life and watching it grow., A creator creating the creator’s plan.,

A tip: A man who limits his dress code to five uniforms requires less storage space! Has less to stress or even think about first thing in the morning with what to wear. No delays in decision making. The most important part of the day is taken care of.

The art of learning how to find the perfect system to creating a never ending production line of food source.

Once I have found the perfect system for ongoing food source I shall share my findings.,

This might be obvious, or maybe not. It shocked me when I tested Solar panels they work under grow lights so solar powered air conditioning a win win.,


Have you bought vegetables or potatoes and they went off too fast only to buy new ones? Prepare them for the freezer. Be amazed how long you can make food last and stretch!

Search how to freeze potatoes or cabbage. Look at videos. I wish I knew this years ago.,

Here is another magical trick if you are spiritual and fasting takes you to higher levels of consciousness but hates the hunger pains in the early days. Then you are in luck eat Jacobs Crackers or alternative with butter only this combats that and still propels you into higher consciousness., Some reasons it’s better and faster than going into total fasting junkie. The results are powerful., Try alternating every week, psychic powers will enhance., If meat is a must? then chicken is the best route because it’s lighter., Not heavey meat.,

P.S please don’t buy in bulk. I’m wondering why no dry roasted peanuts in shops for weeks. I’ll keep my hacks to myself 🙂 Yep the miracle food that created Winged Messenger: Spirits Above The Challenge.

The gifts we gave humanity. Relax, we don’t mate with politicians or royals. We avoid the dinosaur age, they are going extinct history repeats., Our children, your new future.,