99% of all divorces

99% of all divorces

October 20, 2022 GIA 0
99% of all divorces

99% of all divorces

Where did the rings on the left hand come from during marriage?

It’s an ORION implant to polarise the two making the commitment to each other.

Both are set up to take from each other and none give to the relationship. This causes 99% of all divorces., The church has got this information, believing it was of divine influence. It was ORION what the church calls a devil, then that’s the closest you come to ORION.,

No partner goes into a relationship with this intent, however the power of the positioning of the rings overwrites this., it becomes a way of life without realising what’s the cause.,


Do you make a distinction in which religion you speak of on all subjects?

NO, All are 50% Positive divine 50% Negative ORION., This includes spiritual communities among the new age movements.,

One may carefully analyse what’s of a selfish nature to what’s selfless to determine where the influence lay.,

You may call upon your free will rights as a human, accept or reject upon all subjects of all subjects of earthly matters.,

Use your own internal discernment upon every choice so forth made.,


Will you be showing more footage of the ships in the sky what we call UFO?



What does ., mean we see this a lot?

It means masculine and feminine combined aspect of ALCYON of the one entity., What you see as separate we do not., So we end our messages, sentences in this way.,


Can you untangle these statements? Must read you found it in divine timing. You found this because the divine wants you to know.

Unfortunately, they are marketing statements to engage one who reads to respond as in a call to action., These titles are of a selfish nature., ALL time is divine time., If the divine wanted to tell you something, it would come via you., or it would come to you in a selfless manner.,

Should you see words like: Warning, Critical, Stop, in such titles we point out they are of ORION influence.,

If you are reading this, then it’s meant for you! CODS WALLOP., If I am reading it’s because I am the one creator as me as in all, so if it’s for me it’s for ALL., Can you see?

Smile for its humours nature to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting., Smile, for you have unrelenting eyes to see with clarity to question such things.,

If it was the divine, then no trickery applies, no tempting, no fear triggers, plain and simple positive message.,

What are negative entities afraid of?

LOVE they run from love, love is a positive aspect of the one creator so any selfish entity in service to itself will avoid love, it will do anything to protect itself from love., Love is what disempowers this kind of entity, be it 4th, 5th dimensional ORION or 3rd density humans., many will sabotage in order to not be loved., it’s the one fear they have.,

Love is the fear, not light, as 5th density ORION are light., That’s how they can deceive under the guise of love.,

Negative wants to destroy life, not nurture it. Nurture is of the positive.,

Hate, disharmony, separation, greed, are all tools of the negative, selfish soul., Love, light, harmony, peace, cooperation are the tools of the positive selfless soul.,

When a fifth dimension ORION is involved in influencing humans, they can use the tools of the positive to deceive, to mask, to cloak themselves, so nobody can sense they are of the negative energy., It would take a high density positive to see through them for who they are operating under.,

As a 13th density soul, we can see through those who call themselves leaders, elites and so on, our density they cannot hide from., 6th density upwards they can’t hide from., Positive 6th to 13th density the moment we love them and project love in their direction. They become unstable start depolarising.,

You may ask, is the barrier around earth of the NINE built from Love? The answer is a profound YES.,

Now you see why Negative selfish ORION can’t penetrate the barrier of the NINE., and why selfish humans avoid love.,

If it’s negative or positive, all comes down to choice, a choice one may change at any moment.,


Whats a fallen angel?

It’s a myth in terms of human religious understanding., based on a higher dimensional being descended into human form to watch over or some other reason., We filled the earth with fallen angels ready for harvest of 3rd density humans., It does not mean we cast them out from the universe more sent here for reasons beyond human comprehension relating to harvest above all other reasons.,

What’s the purpose of telling stories of fallen angels?

It reinforces the deception around a Satan to help promote fear. This fear, of course, makes followers, generates money., A selfish path.,

It is no different to a car salesman. He will tell you all manner of lies to make the sale., it’s a selfish route.,

The one creator has no need for fear, no need for demons, no need for followers, it imbues itself in the knowing all are self experiencing self as itself.,



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