2019, The Nation Goes Brexit Insane.

2019, The Nation Goes Brexit Insane.

May 18, 2022 GIA 0
2019, The Nation Goes Brexit Insane

2019, The Nation Goes Brexit Insane.

Everywhere I went, people were debating. I just kept on smiling. Walks in the cafe one morning with few band members, staff and one big celebration over Brexit. I had just walked into a crazy house. I asked what’s all this? Like I never knew. Brexit, we got our way. Proud Brits cheering.

Remember my words. You are going to regret this. A few years from now, he is going to stitch you all up. The bass player who’s also a Pisces knew if I said something, then it’s worth listening to. I told him he will break it, and you will all be upset again. They are making fools of you all. One day, you will wake up and smell the coffee.

Nobody believed me apart from one. Haha how they never learn.

No point bitching about it. You voted for him to screw you over, not like you don’t know this about them.

I never voted. I am not to blame 😀

My father would say to me. “Go and vote, son.”


“If you don’t vote, you don’t have a say or the rights.“

“Fuck you, I’ll say what I please and if it all goes wrong, I’ll blame it all on you.”

He thought I was comical, yet in his heart, he knew I was right.

“Father, if you know they back stab you, why bother playing lamb to the slaughter game?”

He would end it with, “what else can we do?”

“Seriously, must I do all your thinking for you? Jeez fathers.”

Boris doesn’t care because he knows you voted, so technically, you are all to blame.

Everyone who voted yes voted to be screwed over. Only took 3 years. You’re slacking Boris haha.

Got to give Boris some respect. He is good at making the nation look foolish. I think this time you might have bitten off more than you can chew, sonny Jim.

Define crazy haha

I bet many don’t know during keeping the nation busy with the buildup to Brexit.

Prior to this, many immigrants were piling in to the UK from Europe. They were all given instant citizenship no ten year wait. And a free British Passport soon as they landed. It was cheap labour. Cheap slaves on tap.

I thought it had to be a joke, not according to my inside friend.

I thought that’s what Boris would use to keep his foot in the EU door. Turns out they remember me saying all this. It was all public back then.

All my EU friends confirmed it was true.

Oh, my gosh, the things people don’t realise. Haha.

One female friend from the EU had a heated debate with me over she has the right to say what she wants about the state of the country. How she blamed it on the British being lazy. Because they gave her instant citizenship and a British passport. Once I re-educated her about our wonderful hypocritical politics, her and husband, both left the UK with the twins. No way were they risking their children’s lives now they knew the truth. Smart couple. Lucky twins.

Welcome to the United Kingdom 😀