13th Day The Creator Gazed Upon Its Creation.,

13th Day The Creator Gazed Upon Its Creation.,

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13th Day The Creator Gazed Upon Its Creation

13th Day The Creator Gazed Upon Its Creation.,

First there was darkness, and then there was light. On the fourth and fifth day, creation had begun upon the earth, the children named seedes-homespuns., And then on the 13th day, life sprang forth in one mighty blossom. The population was ever in full swing., The creator looked down at its creation and see its harvest was good. The seedes-homespuns looked up and knew they were born of the heavens among the universe and smiled., Some were born of the earth, some cloned among milk jars so plenty would thrive together in harmony.,

Seedes came to be a mighty race abundant in divine blossom upon each season of the cosmic year across the earth., now and then, we came to look in on our creation., Ever so pleased.,

From that day forth, 13 known as the luckiest day of the cosmic year.,

THEN on the 14th day a WEED snuck among the species and soon took over. The weeds became skank. Then turned the creation story twisted and bent until they compiled it in to a book and named it bible for their own ill-rotten ways. Seedes forgot the day their creator gave them life. Their world became rotten because of the weeds.

On the 15th Day aha, the Creator yelled Gotcha, sneaky bastards and sent in the garden keepers carrying mighty fiery torches of bright sparkling light. Oh, how the weeds ran and hidden.,

Seedes cheered the boss is back! hooyah! Look at them all run.,

The human species, however, refused to believe in the end of the world., Yet then again, so did those who lived among ancient turkey Göbekli Tepe even they wished they changed., When the coffee gets cold, no point crying over cold coffee., When all is done, millions upon millions of children of light shall return home in celebration., why those of ANU perish among the flames with their chosen ways of being., As did Göbekli Tepe as did many before them., The wheel keeps on turning., How many nations throughout history have vanished? Were they the children of light before this cycle?

Dear Thothy,

You lost two daughters. Why thy not sad why thee so happy? Why thy not fight and kill those who killed them?

Oh, dear dork, For I am wise, I know what’s coming they do not. If I take up the sword I shall perish by the sword., If I commit harm deliberate without atonement of my ways of being, have thy not realised fighting fire with fire never puts out the flames?

If any shall cast them down, then surely its themselves by being such., Hold them by the scruff of their necks for all to see by all means do., Yet never bow down to such ways of being that have one ending., Lift your head to the sky and move forward with glee., Forget those whose tombstones await. They are no longer your concern.,


The path to Samadhi is not the sort of path where you put one foot in front of another to get to some destination. The path is a stripping away of illusion, a waking-up to exactly who, where, and what you are. Samadhi is freedom from identification with the limited self, freedom from our conditioning, freedom from suffering.

Samadhi is detaching from the false human identity and honouring your true divine self., ARZU., The Seventh Member of Council of NINE.,

I never teach my wisdom on video in person., You never see me desiring fame., I am never seen seeking followers to worship my every word., Never seeking validation of all that I write., I am never found doing or accepting interviews for public approval., Samadi has no need for such things., Spiritual and fame have two very different destinations., What if the highest justice is by them remaining the same., When Göbekli Tepe expired, who benefited after? Nobody.,

WAIT! I will take the film deal as lead role.,

Without knowing true suffering, then how can one expect to know true beauty? The words of humans: if you have not suffered, then you have not lived.,