12th May Approaching

12th May Approaching

May 11, 2022 Governments 0
12th May Approaching

12th May approaching

I’d love to show you the images of my dead daughter, her body black and blue where they emptied her body of organs then stitched back up like Frankenstein’s monster. They are the last images I have lived with for 27 years. Just so you know how disgusting you are. Maybe I will.,

I feel such intense emotions, I can feel great deception underneath the surface of this world. I can feel deceptive energy directing itself in my direction. First sign showed up today 11th May.

Last year on 12th May, it was Nicola Sturgeon and her staff attacking. I understand why you do this. It’s the day Chelsea died, the more you can disrupt me in May, you hope you can keep all this secret. Hope my websites go down. Easier than taking accountability.

The more these intense emotions build inside me, it’s got to go somewhere. When you realise I say nothing on the 12th of May. You know 100% I fired it inside some magic.

You know I won’t stand for liars anymore. You know I am not going away. And if it means new magic, more intense energy to empower that magic. No matter what harm it does in the world, it’s justified magic.

I am like a ticking time bomb with nuclear fusion rubbing together one false move, no turning back in the direction it goes. So much good I can do and so much destruction I can cause.

The words of John Trudell are real “His family paid the price, and he was left to suffer it

Go ahead do what you want, I promise to not play nice.

So go ahead., My pain is my power.,

Not the time to give me reason to build energy., Do you not see how X-Revolution came about.,

My bad it began 4th May showing up. I was sneaking in the back door of the music industry. I revisited where EasyGetMe Records once sold its sample packs. Producerloops.com I bought one pack so I could try something for fun.

I tried to re-enter after purchasing and they locked me out. So I could no longer gain access to what I purchased. Same as they did years ago. All my record labels got hit first, then Producer Loops. Every day, something new was occurring. Gradually building momentum. Let’s face it from 3rd May until 31st May, you know why you do. So do I.,

The intense energy felt inside this song best suits my energy. It will be my silence.,

And that is the Michael within me.,