The NINE.,

Our role, how we achieve our role., who we do this for.,

The NINE govern the earth, among other things., Earth has a barrier around it created by us. It’s been there a long time we created this barrier after ANU’s imprisonment on earth. To stop invaders rescuing ANU.,

The introduction of linear time was a lock to slow down to prevent ANU from finding a way to escape.,

The reason why you never experienced great battles in the skies again since the times mentioned in bibles., Well, we are telling you.,

Where did the idea of the barrier originate from? When ARZU was captured during the first rebellion on ORION., The faction of ARZU broke ARZU free., At the time of the building of the barrier THOTH was not going to make the same mistake ANU did on ORION., Leaving earth is easy, getting inside 99.9% impossible.,

This barrier protects the human race from invasions from species you attract to you like a moth to a flame by your own collective actions. War being one of them.,

ORION has an invested reason for attacking the earth., It was the last home of ANU there creator., They hold humans responsible for his demise., Humans are the last species to see ANU.,

When you launched an attack on Hiroshima, a ripple, a vibration, an intent went out across the universe you awoke dormant species., Moth to a flame.,

We are similar to the cosmic police. Nobody gets into earth unless we say. A large portion come to the NINE seeking permission to access earth., They hand over all information, what they will do, where, does it involve humans, will they be harmed, how long is your stay? Providing we have found no issues with their request, they are allowed through our barrier. They are then monitored throughout their stay until departure.,

They check back in with NINE, then leave., If someone attempts to charge at the earth. They are hailed like the police, hailing a criminal to stop right there. They are warned to back off. State their reason for being in this zone. Told to report to NINE., If they ignore our warning, seldom does this happen anymore. All are aware of what happens if they ignore and attempt to charge the earth.,

These beings will find loopholes to sneak inside., That’s a waiting game with the luck of the draw a one in a million chance.,

Every ship we allow to enter who does cause harm. It was unintentional harm. Some collect samples from the earth for experiments and humans show up at the wrong time.,

Others will give you a warning using symbolic methods or the destruction of an object., These are special requests permitted by us.,

Our job is to protect every human being, every tree, animal, every lifeform from earth., We protect those some might wish we didn’t. Everyone is equally treated the same by us., your Governments, Putin, Hitler, everyone., At least until completion of the cycle.,

Within this last cycle, you have had an abundant amount of invasion attempts., Of course, none are successful because of how well we guard this planet and protect it.,

When ships and species are allowed through by us and something goes wrong that causes harm, fear, or major damage, we the NINE are responsible., All abductions are our responsibility.,

Every moment of an extremely long time we have worked non-stop diligently to keep you safe., We have never said hey give us some slack here on how you portray aliens in films. We never ask for your thanks., we do all this for the great infinite intelligence.,

Secret societies, governments and many others have sought fame, fortune and power by summoning outside help., These beings are of a negative nature and have no one’s best interest in mind if for some reason we all left., You would be dead, food or wiped out with no trace of you left., That’s honest yet raw truth.,

They give over this information in the hope they find a window to invade., They do not want you to move into the positive 4th dimension; they want to keep you in 3rd dimension negative. Through though-form projection, they can cause suffering on you., The more dense and negative you become, the more they can hurt you., They can do all this without entering earth. That’s been their number one avenue because of our barrier. We cannot protect you from this form of attack., They project in the form of self-serving actions that cause others harm.,

We can protect the earth from direct invasion. We cannot protect you from invading your mind., When they suggest negative thoughts of selfish behaviour, they are not affecting your free will because it’s always your choice if you do it.,

You caused issues for yourselves the moment you created an atomic bomb, then use it on your own people.,

YES Adolph Hitler was attacked in the mind via the same species., World war one and Two were caused due to this species., You were all the pawns in an outside game to destroy you all., Thats why he was healed by us for his error of choice.,

You do not know your enemy. They come to you as selfish ideas and actions., How to create the atomic bomb came from them. If they cannot destroy you directly, then the next choice is to make you destroy yourselves., Governments are doing a wonderful job at that one., Take a look around.,

We tell you with the greatest of respect., They only affect the minds of the weakest., They know your weaknesses and will play there., At present, Putin is the weakest mind of all. He is easy prey., They locate the weakest and then use them to do the same on the weakest. It’s like the domino effect.,

Never underestimate the intelligence behind this species they know all the tricks., They don’t like strong minds, it’s too much effort., With sound minds, they wait, looking for weak moments of vulnerability.,

How do they know all these things from a great distance? How do they see? Why do you use a TV? Why do you use the Internet? What does it do for you? What can it give you?

Man going digital in all areas has made you 100 times more vulnerable.,

With Elon Musk,

His intention is honorable. However, what he does not know with what he wants to build will in fact build like a euro tunnel from the universe into earth, breaking the barrier that protects you., Then it’s game over for the human race., His racing mind cannot compute the dangers ahead.,

You are like children who discover a candy store for the first time. You are so excited you do not see the mine field of banana peels across the floor in front.,

You wonder what would happen if Elon created the tunnel before the last day of the cycle., How would this be dealt with? We would increase time at a rapid pace., extracting all 1.8 Billion 4th dimension souls into the 4th dimension. Seal them off. Simultaneously reboot the 3rd dimension species back into the dark ages. With an extreme cleansing of the earth, wiping all memory of before., Day One begins.,

Is there a way around all this and still give Elon what he wants? There has always been that however man has not listened, he took a road of selfish behaviour resulting in this not being possible at this time.,

The end of the cycle does not occur on, say, march 23rd 2024 at 12am., These measurements have no meaning to us., It’s a timeframe a window that opens up. Within this window is where it can all happen., You are already in the WINDOW., Time is not a factor your actions are the factor. We deal with you the others the barrier and the window simultaneously.,

You may call life a game or simulation if you wish. However, this will not impact on any change from 3rd density perspective. We use these terms to convey a concept of our meaning to aid you in a better understanding of us and our role.,

Game or simulation is for enjoyment from 3rd perspective density of it’s OK it was not real it does not matter do it anyway., This is not our meaning.,

Flat earthers are right and wrong at the same time. The earth is not flat, it’s round. There is a dome we call this the barrier. An invisible wall., End this debate and focus on your actions.,

Why don’t the NINE destroy the ORION Species and save everyone the heartache? The Law of One.,

Why reset the earth and the human race? Death of the Body. What does this mean?

A metaphor: If we told you ANU became Jesus thousands of years later? What could this mean by the two extreme polarities? How did the change occur? Why did it occur? What is learned with the one known as ANU and yourselves?

Why is the law of one the answer to everything?

Why is ORION this way? Others are not? Polarity., What purpose does it serve?

How do you turn it all around?
The Law of One.,

Akhenaten was a soul who understood and rebelliously changed it all overnight., When Akhenaten experienced the death of the body. What happened in history to put you back in the same position you find yourselves in now? Something you can check and see for yourselves.,
His one issue was he went into competition with The One creator, the great infinite All., this was his error., They placed all below him and he was above all., ERROR., You still witness the same ERROR today of your own systems., How his understanding started did not end in the truth of the Law of One.,

Akhenaten started a revolution. Given the Law of ONE the truth of the ONE Creator.,

Given to him by our brothers and sisters., He started out correctly, soon he began to misinterpret the Law of ONE eventually power over took him and superiority became his way.,

He claimed he was the ONE Creator., everyone else below him. People of the times took discord to this, all became turmoil. This man was no longer teaching the Law of ONE., He abused it for his own selfish gain, him and his Nefi., After his death, they removed everything about him. And restored the old gods.,

Yet this idea he planted became the way and elitism took hold more now than ever., No one really claimed they were god or the one creator. Their actions spoke it loudly. You see this today, it’s still in present society all around the world.

The discord you see happening all around the globe with governments and those with a superiority complex are experiencing the same fate Akhenaten did history is repeating itself., The lesson has not been learned.,

Governments, royals, corporations, celebrities have all taken the role as Akhenaten once did. Kept and hidden away the truth from the masses., They place everyone under them to all worship them, keeping everyone else in poverty, struggle for their own selfish gain., Not by claiming they are god (Covert) their actions speak clearly and loud., Actions speak truth., To keep this away from those who work under them meant creating a system of compartmentalisation so nobody knew what they knew., Or ever had the chance to work it out for themselves. The secret was kept for thousands of years until now., History has repeated., Keep them in fear, keep them busy they will never work it out.,

Take a holiday for once from destroying yourselves.,

If you ever felt me SEVEN as a little angry at times, I am sure you are wise enough to understand why.,


Your popes, your priests, vicars, bishops, ministers, all are in competition with The Great Infinite ALL., all these men and women require one thing. You worship them; you kiss their hand; you pay them to teach you how to be., They are all false., For none granted this right, they took it upon themselves.,

God save the queen and to whom gave her the rights to be saved over everyone else?

The United Kingdom Fraudulent Pedophilia Government & Royal Establishment.,

Death to America Poetic justice.,


The Biggest Tax Heist In History £350 Billion in Tax Payers Money Stole

Terrorists of Children.,

Criminals and accessories to child abuse. Named: MICHAEL DAVID EDWIN SMITH. British Man. Born November 1959. WILLIAM NICHOLAS BULLEN. British Man. Born December 1961. Both men are also involved in robbing the British and Scottish public. Both men hide behind Energy Companies in partnership with Government.
Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Los Angeles: KRISTI KOONS JOHNSON An accessory to Child Abuse.
British Actor ORLANDO BLOOM is an accessory to Child Abuse. American Actress DEMI MOORE Known Child Abuser. American President JOE BIDEN Child Abuser.
MP DAVID AMESS, also a child abuser.

The ROYAL FAMILY, THE GOVERNMENT, has been involved in child abuse, rape and murder of children reaching far back to World War 2, still continues to present day. They have used one department’s social services to divide and destroy families to kidnap the children. Some children sold and adopted, then abused. Others go into children’s homes and sexually abused by MPs and LORDS, all members of government and the royal family. Those children grow up and pushed into prostitution and put on heroin. They use the Mental Health system to stop them speaking out, along with fear.

The highest ranks of the police are also child abusers. They use Doctors to cement with false evidence to aid in kidnapping the children. They destroy each family to the point they give up on life, turn to drugs, drink until the will to fight is all but lost.

Social workers promised Millions in bonus each year the more they kidnap, the more money they receive. Your children are never safe. You only think they are.

These people commit child genocide yearly and have been doing in secret for many decades. This is the truth about Royals and members of the government. This is what they hide from the blind average worker in that establishment.

They keep this truth hidden from all workers with one simple tool compartmentalisation of each section of Government. Lefthand does not know what the righthand does.

To fund all this activity, they use Tax Payer’s money to fund all Child Abuse. The public is paying for their own children to be abused. And this is just the tip of a massive iceberg of deception on the public.

As the British do, so does America, and any nation that the British once conquered.


Its an attempt to kidnap children. Families will be under great pressure, children are demanding and take a lot of care. When energy is used as a weapon to destroy families.

This opens the door for parents to seek help. And that’s just what they want. Once you ask social services for help in any area, their children are now condemned. They misuse their false power to push you into confrontation and that’s when your child’s life has made next on their child abusing list. You will be told from other departments you must first accept the help before anyone can. That’s a clever way to sign a contract whereby you agree with all this abuse to happen, you’re just not aware of the hidden small print of Agreeing.

You ask for help; they agree secretly to abuse. That’s also why the government agreed to help with energy payments only months after the fact and only if you AGREE and still you must wait the agenda is not help its families in distress. EASY TARGETS

Charities and unsuspecting organisations to you. They all have a secret red button for when they spot easy target families. If you upset them, your children will pay the price. These charities organisations are in fact the government compartmentalised into hidden schemes of deception. That’s why you will notice In Partnership with Government. These people are all Child Terrorists if they know what’s happening or not. The operation does not work without them.

You might ask where is Justice and Police in all this abuse.

Justice is designed to generate money no matter who wins or loses. Justice/Government is always the winner using two laws to create hidden deception: Law of the Land and Law of the High Sea, same words’ different meanings.

Police are not designed to protect the public. They are there to protect the government, royals only and process anyone else through their money making system. Police officers will do as they are told by what their high-ranking child abuse bosses tell them.

Boris Johnson Fines were a scam to fool the public. And yes, Lawyers are also involved in the scams of Justice by manipulating the language between the Law of The Land and the law of The High Sea. Compartmentalised goes deeper than you know., All done under the financial incentive of Tax Payers Money Your money.

Average workers are a means to an end. That’s why most are in the same boat as others. Just slaves.

We have also been in dialogue for many years with an Ex Government Minister who left the UK and went into France. He was one of the first to expose the child abuse of government. He himself rich, spent many years financing and helping women escape with their children from the UK to safety. A Man who did the right thing, a man worthy of our respect.

One of the biggest lies, if you are rich and you expose these dirty scum bags, then you will lose everything. 99% of the rich fall victim. Because these are the weakest in society. Our man warned the same, if he exposes. He did the right thing, saved many lives and even today he remains wealthy. Governments prey on the fears of others. If a rich man/woman believes they will lose everything, then he/she will do nothing. This is the difference between the worthy rich and the fake rich.

This man and his family have earned their place among us., He had no agenda, no reward, no financial profit in doing. He cared. If you don’t have a conscience or morals, then you don’t have anything.,

There is a large amount of women and children all with false identities because nobody else would protect them from the CHILD ABUSING GOVERNMENT and ROYAL FAMILY.,

You will notice we never said MEN because one tactic they use is to turn parent against parent. 99% it always works. Lawyers also take part, convincing both parents to having separate lawyers divide and conquer is the number one method of kidnapping these children.

These secret high courts are closed and drenched in secrecy.

The public are only told what the governments wants released all main stream media work for governments. They are also an accessory to child abuse.

They tell the parents it’s all for protecting them and the children. They are told if they speak in public and reveal anything, they will go to prison. In truth, it’s for protecting the government and royal family from the public ever finding out what’s going on in secret and what they really do with TAX Money. Who they really are.

This statement by Boris Johnson should not surprise you. All government ministers have the same agenda to protect themselves from their dirty secrets or it means exposing themselves. If historical child abuse is pointless to investigate, then so is all child abuse. Spoken like a true child abuser, Boris Johnson.

We have made our intention known., And who caused it., Your nuclear missiles are no match for us, yet you’ve known this for decades., Kept secret away from the public.,

How do we know? Because we have had firsthand inside experince and knowledge of these crimes. Not conspiracy, Not fake news. Just the fucking TRUTH.,

I have spent 40 years undercover in many of these compartmentalised systems, hunting down the truth.

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Protocol of SEVEN., 1982., Seven, learning, remain silent and dormant, integrating among all government agencies to engage with them., Expose, accountability, resolution, collect data & wait.,

NINE will take no action unless the NINE are firsthand experiencers of the abuse., The government/royal Honey Trap., An observed, learned popular human term., Resolution, method of discovering true integrity or not., Highlighting the absolute undeniable truth.,

When the time arrives., It will be me you will face., By this time, I will hold no remorse for my actions., I shall treat you as you treated my daughters., Be warned governments, royals & associates that time is closing in.,

When the entire planet’s power goes out, including all satellite and backup power, you will know it’s time.,

The ships in your skies are not here for the citizens of earth, they are here to liberate you from the abuse by the members in and associated with all governments and those partnered for their abuse of the planet and the people., You are advised if you work for any government no matter how distant from the top, give up your job to guarantee you are not on our list., There will be no changing your minds later.,

Elon Musk Pre-warning 2016 At the end of the 2nd video.,

Pentagon, bring me across if you dare. We have unfinished business.,

We don’t think you’re as dumb as the British government, so one chance to prove yourselves., I am all yours for the taking.,

Prince Andrew & The Royal Child Abusing Family.,


Free Access to ALL GOV Secret Documents.

Special note: X-RF-GOV-SEC-BUNDLE (62) Interesting Bundle with over 1,400 documents. Conversation with 10 Downing Street, regarding the “DUNBLANE CHILD SHOOTING MASSACRE SCOTLAND.,”

File format codes: (X = MR X.) (RF = Royal Family.) (GOV = Government.) (SEC = Section.) (Bundle Number)

FYI., we stored All Files on secure servers around the globe., Accessible too many people. Not required to walk around with such files. Many people have gone to a lot of work to provide you with evidence., Hope you appreciate them as much as we do.,

Contrary to belief, there are certain members of government who have a conscience. They have our pardon.,

Do you remember the stories inside books The guy who travelled across the Middle East carrying a “Black Box” 2012., Or TIM The secret meeting with government man, backstreets of London., The warnings TIM Spoke., Preparing a path for JAKE, Me to cause a scene around CITY HALL 2019.,

Confessions Of a Bodyguard: Operation Pure, The Hero’s Last Stand –  – Mystery Behind the Middle East Movement

What were we saying? Did you ever discover what we did to Donald Trump, he’s arrival at Traitors Gate., The Raven.,

Access Instructions.

26,669+ A4 Documents laid in a straight line measure 6 miles In Secret Government Documents

BORIS JOHNSON are you sorry for the lies, the dishonesty of over 4 decades to the public? Are you sorry for killing both my daughters? Are you sorry for making an unlimited number of children suffer?

When does sorry become nothing more than a word you use until the next time? BORIS JOHNSON, ROYAL FAMILY SORRY NO LONGER ENOUGH.,

Your illegal court, illegal judge, the government criminals who destroyed an innocent 8-year-old girl for no reason but financial greed in the name of the ROYAL FAMILY. Did not say sorry, you allowed them to walk free to commit the same crimes AGAINST CHILDREN.,

Making sure the public never found out what you did. SANDRA GARDENER and MARIA COW walked away to destroy more children. HOW MANY have they destroyed since CHEYENNE?

Justice Andrew McFarlane Found you the GOVERNMENT GUILTY?


Right-Click, Open in New TabTo Read files.,

Right-Click, Save-AsTo Download the files.,

If our words are not true, then explain all this. Governments, Royal Family “child terrorists”.

What are they afraid of losing?

Every word they speak is all lies. They don’t know the meaning of truth.,

We live above you, among you, and below your feet.,

Your children are not safe with these parasites., This we know from experience.,

Secret GOV, Royal Family Document Archives

The same test Eisenhower did on the public is the same reason governments continue to abuse children because the people allow it by doing nothing., The people are the problem.,

We told you the Government is nothing more than a corporation an entity., Someone owns that corporation and that is the Entire ROYAL FAMILY.,

WE told you they abuse children, rape children and murder children, and of course make financial gain off the misery of children., People have no evidence of GOVERNMENT lies. So this results in not protecting children., We take it you want to see their own documents that show just how dishonest they have been for decades.,

We told you they are all liars, dishonest crooks., For decades, they have denied things when confronted., Used more lies to cover existing lies.

We are now preparing to release thousands upon thousands of secret documents hidden from the public.,

Many people around the globe who we see trust worthy already have these documents. However, the major population has not seen them., Your paradigm is about to be broken.,



We told you back in 2021, GOVERNMENT secret files were going to be released if the members inside government don’t take responsibility for their actions towards CHILDREN. APRIL is one day away, and this is just the beginning of exposing all government members who have protected the ROYAL FAMILY CHILD ABUSERS.,

All fresh waves will occur randomly without notice., A message to all government workers in all compartmentalised departments., Just as you never cared about our CHILDREN, we don’t care about you into the lion’s den for you.,

In honor and memory of my daughters Chelsea & Cheyenne for ALL CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD.,






Maledictio ATUM.,

Maledictio ATUM

Declaration of war.,

NINE wages a Secret War upon all the accused and their loved ones., Soldiers of NINE summoned: All Shadow beings., Iaiaomem., Ketzef, Charon., Af., Chiema., Iozafachiron., Asafichiron., Mafichirovahau., Gabriel., Tzadkiel., Azael., Uziel., Mishevay., Gemayak., Diru., Lehon., Aotsash., Vahotsga., Zebodiv., Yahadaonahyi., Nageda., Yinahogoedah., Hasiel., Demimiel., Haderiel., Reneziel., Zebadiel., Enashel., Safom., Alezar., Eli., Kemashiel., Rapepiel., Penimor., Essatorio., Tehyagrah., Daobiat., Torochon., Donarniah., Pariel.,

sigilLucifer., Leviathan., Shahtan., Belial., Astaroth., Asmodi., Oriens., Ariton., Magoth., Beelzebub., Paymon., Amaymon., Moreh., Frasis., Myrmo., Trapis., Parelit., Obedemah., Hasperim., Fasma., Nogah., Ethanim., Melabed., Apolion., Asturel., Hagrion., Liriol., Asorega., Ragaras., Ilekal., Sarasim., Sigis., Laralos., Ipakol., Balabos., Nolom., Amillis., Lagiros., Ugalis., Dagulez., Bialod., Ranar., Buriub., Nimalon., Bagalon., Anamalon., Sagarez., Kela., Diopes., Magyros., Lamargos., Disolel., Harog., Agebol., Rigolen., Irasomin., Elafon., Iromenis., Apormanos., Ombalafa., Kataron., Iloson., Kalotes., Golog., Maggid., Gillamon., Ybarion., Bakaron., Presfees., Hyla., Ormion., Gagarin., Sarsiel., Sorosoma., Zagal., Turitil., Nilion., Maranaton., Calamosi., Rosaran., Semeot., Tagora., Corocon., Dulid., Arakison., Daglus., Diralisin., Camalon., Bilek., Corilon., Borob., Gramon., Sumuron., Ebaron., Zalomes., Takaros., Zugola., Akorok., Dalep., Bariol., Cargosik., Nilima.,

Until NINE satisfied they have paid their debt in full, crimes against CHILDREN MORESO DAUGHTERS OF NINE., This includes Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, her inner and outer family, especially her parents Mary Christine (née Perry) and Maurice Keith Hudson., Her music associates, entertainment associates. All found guilty of her crimes., Life for a life.,

UK has no plans for investigation into UFOs after Pentagon report

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